Wednesday, March 31, 2010

JC: the good and the bad

Happy Wednesday all!

So my latest J Crew order arrived yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised by the Chiffon Stripe Tier Tank - lovely color, not gaudy or clownish as I'd worried and the quality seems nice (though it definitely should be, given the cost). I'm keeping it, and think it will pair lovely with some navy's and blossom's.

That being said I was very disappointed by the Cropped Ruffle Cardigan and not for the reason I would have expected. The length was fine for me as it hit on my high hip (although I'm definitely on the short side being 5'4"), but the fabric was terrible in both quality and color. I ordered the cardi in light lilac and the picture is of this lovely, soft, dusty purple color... in real life, it was darker and more grape-y than the lavender I'd hoped for (I know I'm making up words). The color was 'off' from the online photo in my opinion, but not ugly. The deal breaker was the fabric used for this cardi - it was a flimsy, low-quality t-shirt material that looked like a wrinkled mess out of the box. I don't want to iron any more often than I need to, and a ruffle should look fun and adorable, not droopy and sad. Net net, this one is definitely going back.

We're scheduled for some warm temps tomorrow, so I might try and put together an outfit with the Chiffon Tier Tank - I promise to post a pic, no matter how amateur it might be.


  1. I definitely want to see the Chiffon Tier Tank...and made-up words are probably my favorite thing, ever, so that's completely OK:)

  2. Thanks for the review of these tops. I was interested in both too. How disappointing about the material on the ruffle cardi - it looks substantial on the photos. I have a linen/cotton version from a couple of years ago that also needs constant steaming to get out the wrinkles! Purples are hard to photograph so I'm not surprised it was off from the way it looks online! The other top sounds encouraging - I like it too and may end up ordering that instead. Thanks again. :)