Thursday, March 25, 2010

Carbs and Black Eyed Peas = Prozac

It’s 5PM on Thursday, so officially (close enough) TGIF. This week hasn’t been bad, just super stinking sick of this cold Chicago weather, and busy as all at work, so I’m ready for the weekend. Who am I kidding; I’m always ready for the weekend.

Anyhow, back to today’s post… I work in the ad industry, so part of my job is to read magazines (I swear) and I came across an article in the April issue of Self that I actually cut out and now have tacked up near my desk. It’s all about food that is good for you. An no, I don’t just mean low-cal/fat/carb/taste, I mean it’s good for Y-O-U. Now I’m a sucker for all of this homeopathy mumbo-jumbo and I’ve jumped on quite a few supplement bandwagons. So yea, I ate (hardy-har) this info up!! There are actually 50 edibles that Self so kindly lists and details how they will help improve your mood, health, and even hair. Here are a few new tiddy-bits that I personally thought were surprising and helpful:

Pumpkin seeds. I love these suckers. But did you know they could also help headaches? According to the Headache Center in NYC (uhm, I think I might need to go there), 50% of headache sufferers are magnesium deficient. If you crunch on just 2 oz of toasted pumpkin seeds, you’ll hit your daily magnesium goal. Hells-to-the-yes! I have headaches so often my husband actually rations my Advil intake.

Coffee. I mean, do I need another reason to rationalize my intake? Yes I do. Ok, maybe notnot, but I’ve got one: Caffeine consumers make half as many errors in their day-to-day life compared to decaf fans. Take that you healthy freaks! Caffeine was also linked to lower risk for depression. Now if only I could manage to get in and out of a Starbucks without spending 8 bucks.

PMSing? Well apparently you should chug on some skim milk. Adequate amounts of calcium and D have been shown to be as effective at improving mood as hormones used to treat PMS.

And here are a few others… Almonds and Cherries can both help with relief of sore muscles. Oysters can help with dull hair. Shiny hair PLUS in da mood… wow, why don’t men take us to raw bars more often? And melon and bell peppers can help block the effects of UV light and combat wrinkles.

Anyhow, thought these were mighty interesting… and figured instead of just showing you the purse/blouse/chunky necklace I’m currently waffling over, I’d share some *other* useful info. Ta-daaaa.

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