Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thank God for TLC marathons...

I'm sick today, readers, so life and the blog are getting a little neglected while I drown my germs in dayquil and Sprite Zero. Oh how I hate the petri dish known as the office.

Hopefully I'll be back to myself after this day of rest. Either way, I have a fun post planned for tomorrow that I'll make sure goes up, hell or high water!

Today is the last chance to enter the MAC giftcard contest! Click here if you haven't entered. Thanks for all of the entries thus far and the winner will be announced (and emailed!) tomorrow evening :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ready for my peanuts and Cracker Jack!

Happy Tuesday, readers.

I hope you all are having the same GORGEOUS weather we're having here in Chicago! It's sunny and in the 70's... and get it is NOT sticky-nasty-humid. In fact it's amazing outside. What makes that even more fabulous is I'm going to the Cubs game tonight with coworkers and the Hubs - oh how I love baseball games when the weather is beautiful. Seriously, what beats sitting at a game and mashing your face into some nacho's in perfect 70-degree weather?

Nada, I say, nada.

The one hitch: in my race to get out of the house this AM I forgot a cardigan/wrap of any sorts. I spent too much time picking out a cute-but-baseball appropriate outfit (and one that doesn't clash hideously with my current bright-blue nail color), that I completely forgot any type of cardi. And while I l.o.v.e. this weather, I know I'll be quite chilly-willy as soon as the sun goes down.

So what's a girl to do... go to Anthropologie! I mean it's only block away from my office AND they just had a fresh cut of sales.

Don't fret dear Hubs (I know you're reading this), I was good and bought ONE cardigan AND it was on sale. Talk about practicing moderation. It wasn't easy, but I did it.

So tonight, I'll be pairing my circa '08 We Love Vera floral top (including it's crazy-lovely neckline) with the uber soft and cute Field Game cardi. Kind of a mental screw in patterns, but I quite enjoyed it in my quick fitting-room check...

Please excuse the horrible pic of me - wanted to show you my pattern-pairing though. I swear it's cuter in real life, and not in my office ladies' room.

Reminder, you have today and tomorrow to enter the MAC giftcard contest! Click here if you haven't entered. Thanks for all of the entries thus far - I can't wait to select a winner :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Eye Candy!

Happy Monday to everyone. I'm trying to stay focused on work, though the temptation of the upcoming long weekend is proving hard to ignore. Back to the grind in a few, but I took a quick break over my lunch, and how cute are these twosome rings on Gilt Groupe today!? Now, which to buy...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Another great giveaway going on...

Kim from Anthroholic is holding a fabulous giveaway for a dress I adore! Check it out here!

UPDATE... another amazing giveaway here on a new blog I just discovered, In Pursuit of Pretty Things. Love the blog, so check it out!

Don't judge me - I'm considering buying a pair of old lady shoes

Seriously, when did Aerosoles start making cute on-trend shoes? I wouldn't have been caught dead in a pair of their shoes back in my twenties, but let's face it, they were known for their orthopedic-looking clunkers! As I get older, though, I've started to put more stock in comfort when it comes to footwear (sad face), but it's a lovely thing when you stumble upon something that can fill both needs - comfort and STYLE.

Some other cute wedges I've been drooling over are these, these, and these.

I also tried on these shoes made by Sofft while in NC last week, and was in love love love. Seriously, people, they felt like slippers. And while they aren't the sexist-of-sexy shoes (I know, wont be mistaken for Loubies), they were darned lovely! The nude patent is right in my wheelhouse, and made my stumpy legs look longer than I thought possible. They didn't have my size in stock (took a 7 in these, usually waiver between a 7 and a 7.5), so they didn't come home with me to Chicago. That being said, there is a Nordstroms a few blocks from my office, and despite my current self-imposed shopping ban, I plan to hit it up next week. Hey, these are a smart INVESTMENT, therefore they should be exempt from my ban. Right?

Don't forget to enter my inaugural giveawey to wine a MAC gift card here, and have a lovely Friday!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's a giveway kind of day...

You read right... Happy Day!

I'm finally getting to my promised giveaway - I'm very excited because it's my first ever, and it's always lovely to give people gifts. Sure, I love getting gifts, but giving isn't so bad as well :)

So, what's the prize, you ask? Well, I'm giving one of my favorite things... make-up.

That's right, one lucky winner will get a $50 MAC gift card which can be used at any free-standing MAC store or online at I personally love and use a lot of MAC products, including their lipsticks (I know old school, but I heart!) and eyeshadows (texture and sable, you rock my world). And with 50 bucks, you can take home a lipstick and 2 shadows, or make yourself a quad-pack, or splurge on their new Beach Collection or stock up on their amazing make-up wipes.

Here's how you can win:

1. First, be a public follower of my blog. Please leave a comment letting me know you're a follower and also an e-mail address so I can contact you if you win! That's easy, right?

2. Next, for an additional chance to win, blog about this giveaway and link back to this post. Let me know if you do within the comments section :-)

3. Lastly, for one more chance to win, answer the below uber simple fill-in-the-blank (I'm easily entertained by people's answers to questions): My number one beauty product that I can't live without is _____________ . It doesn't have to be MAC (I'm a non-discriminating make-up whore), just very curious to hear everyone's faves and tips.

So you have the chance to get 3 entries into the giveaway!

Giveaway will be open for entry until NEXT Thursday July 1st at 6P, then I will use a random generator to pick the winner! I'll email the winner immediately, and post a blog entry announcing the winner on July 2nd.

Good luck everyone!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm back - showing off my new goodies

I was traveling all week last week for work, so hard to blog. That being said, I *did* find time to do some shopping (whoops) and have some new purchases to show off.

First, I loved this cardi from first click when it showed up online, and in real life I just couldn't pass it up. I'm going to Italy with the Hubs in T-Minus 2.25 months (but who's counting??) and it will be perfect for my Roman/Venetian Adventures.

Next, I found the Green Beda Dress in my size, and given how much I adore the white one (and how many compliments I get each time I wear it) it came home with moi as well. Anthro, please make more of these in other colors! Maybe a good Polka Dot pattern?

And lastly, I found a pair of shoes are Nordy's I just couldn't get out of my head, so those also found their way into my crammed suitcase. What's up with this girl buying heels? I am a sworn-flats wearer, and in the past 3 months I've bought 4-5 new pairs of heels. Maybe I'm growing up? Finally. Either way, loved the blue patent and (faux) wooden heel. Nice heel height, and I'm rocking them at the office today and not regretting it.

All in all, trip was successful, from a number of regards. Hope everyone is having a glorious Monday!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sorry for my negligence...

But I've been up to my eyes in work and summer outings with friends... leaving me little time to pull together cutes outfits A(I'm doing it!, just not photoing them!) or time to blog. So my blog is suffering big time. To make up for it, Come this weekend, I'm going to announce the very first Spilling the Beans Giveaway. I'm a virgin sweeps holder!! I have a lovely grand prize I've been hanging on to for this moment, as well as a few runners up prizes -- all are some of my most favorite items or must haves, But more to come lady this weekend. For now, please cross your fingers OR do a no-rain dance OR pray to whoever that my travels from here on out are on the way up...

So that's it for now. I'm running off of 2.5 hours of sleep, so ready to curl up and fall asleep to Law and Order Reruns. Until this weekend, forgive my absentee blog!!


Monday, June 7, 2010

Treasure hunting on Ebay

Ebay astounds me on a regular basis. And by astounds, I mean in both the good... and the not so good (or weird) way. I am an ebay veteran and have gotten some lovely little treasures and great finds, like bulk candles and paper lanterns for my wedding, a lightly loved (read: a little less than new) vintage designer bag I normally wouldn't be able to own, and brand new items from Anthro-past that I missed out on.

But to be fair, ebay is also a bit of a weird concept and there are also some of the strangest things being sold (and I guess bought)... like this. And this. WTF.

I found (and won!) a gorgeous Anthropologie Moulinette Soeurs brand new with tags dress on ebay this week. It's a knee length, watercolor plaid halter dress, with gorgeous hues of orange, purples and browns. Its a-line (my love!) with great shaping in the bodice and a comfy smocked panel in the back so it'll be sure to fit nicely. In true Anthro-style it's fully lined with 1.5-inch bright yellow embroidered lace trim. It's the little things that get me.

I remember this dress, and missed out on it way back when, so very squealy that I was able to get my grubby little hands on it now. Happy Monday to everyone! :-)

Dear Anthropologie, Please ship my sh!t!

Oy, I've been waiting on the two-wheeler dress for months now. It's been on back-order since I ordered it a month ago, until (aha!) late last Friday when it changes to 'in process'. Still hasn't shipped out, and that is annoying. I'd love to have it in time for the weekend, but thinking that's looking unlikely. Seriously, how can it take so long to put one dress in one box? Well, I guess it's one dress and one belt. Still, I'm not sure if the belt should take 3 days to roll up and insert into said box? Tick tock, tick tock.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cheap Thrills

I hit up Target over the weekend and of course came home with two large bags full of things I didn't need... including this fab cardi that IMO looks, shall I even say, expensive (??). I love the colors, and the fit is comfortable and flattering (I was a Medium, Large was a little frumps). So go go go grab one, or order it online here. Oh, and if you like the print but aren't a cardi-gal, they had it in both a skirt and dress. All that print is a bit much for a full dress so a pass if you ask me. The skirt, however, gave me a sad face -- shape wasn't for my taste (material wasn't breathable, so I didn't want something so fitted), but could super cute for someone else!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Who's Keeping Tabs Anyway?

I don't think there are any new arrivals on Anthro this week (yet at least!), so I just apparently didn't notice this adorable printed T until today. Perhaps it's because it's color I don't usually gravitate towards?

I know, step away from the burnt orange, and try adding in some Green to your wardrobe.

Anyhow, even though it's not so 'me' I dig it a LOT. And so it might just have to be mine. If I get this and NOT the swan skirt (I still haven't found it in store, and can't decide if it looks like a toddler skirt), then in reality I am actually making money. Right? Yea, I think so!

A 10$ popback is also probably in my near future as well. Oddly enough, partially green as well.

I'm like Tinkerbell, I need applause to live.

I openly admit I have an addiction to graphic Ts. I own enough J Crew deco'd T's to sink a small ship. But all fairness, they are a good investment because I get as lot of wear out of them. They are often my weekend go-to, and because I can dress so casually at the office, sometimes I'll dress up a graphic T with a cute belt or chunky necklace to make them work-appropriate.

While online window-shopping last night, I came across the oh-so-cute and for-a-fab-cause Gap (PRODUCT) Red T-shirts, and added two to my growing collection. I LOVE the white V-neck with the dancer, but also wanted to see the Rhino T in real life (is it lime or puke green - that is the question).

Fingers crossed that these are soft and comfy, because with half the cost going to a global fund to fight AIDS, you can feel good in these shirts in more than one way.