Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cheap Thrills

I hit up Target over the weekend and of course came home with two large bags full of things I didn't need... including this fab cardi that IMO looks, shall I even say, expensive (??). I love the colors, and the fit is comfortable and flattering (I was a Medium, Large was a little frumps). So go go go grab one, or order it online here. Oh, and if you like the print but aren't a cardi-gal, they had it in both a skirt and dress. All that print is a bit much for a full dress so a pass if you ask me. The skirt, however, gave me a sad face -- shape wasn't for my taste (material wasn't breathable, so I didn't want something so fitted), but could super cute for someone else!


  1. I'm really loving Merona right now. They have some great pieces, especially sundresses!

    Just started following your blog. Luv it!!

  2. That print is adorable! Target has that effect on everyone I know... I walk in needing nothing and walk out with bags full of stuff and an empty wallet. :)

  3. I've been stalking that cardign for a markdown! I hope I get it!