Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm like Tinkerbell, I need applause to live.

I openly admit I have an addiction to graphic Ts. I own enough J Crew deco'd T's to sink a small ship. But all fairness, they are a good investment because I get as lot of wear out of them. They are often my weekend go-to, and because I can dress so casually at the office, sometimes I'll dress up a graphic T with a cute belt or chunky necklace to make them work-appropriate.

While online window-shopping last night, I came across the oh-so-cute and for-a-fab-cause Gap (PRODUCT) Red T-shirts, and added two to my growing collection. I LOVE the white V-neck with the dancer, but also wanted to see the Rhino T in real life (is it lime or puke green - that is the question).

Fingers crossed that these are soft and comfy, because with half the cost going to a global fund to fight AIDS, you can feel good in these shirts in more than one way.

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