Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This should be billable

I travel for work. Not a ton, but often enough lately that it has me looking for the perfect travel tote/bag. I kind of think I want this adorable carry-on. But really, I'd have to wait until end of August? That's a whole summer of traveling without this awesomely perfect over-nighter.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday's Unforgivable Fuggery

Really J Crew? Really?

Ok people, if you're interested in a purse that looks like this, please give me a call and I will make you something exactly like it for about 20 bucks. All it would take is a trip to Michaels, my glue gun, and a bottle of wine.

Let me know - I could use my earnings to pay for the my swan skirt!

I need this.

I am getting this skirt. This weekend. Nuff said.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's in my shopping bag?

With the J. Crew 20% discount expiring tonight, I have to decide on whether to be a good girl and save my money, or fall victim to their tempting offer. Right now, I have 4 items I'm considering:

First, this lovely scarf, that has me befuddled. The En Plein Air Scarf is desrcibed as an exquisite linen blend scarf covered in impressionist-inspired florals. I dig it. I thought it looked a little hippie-tie-dye at first glance, but I was into the colors. But what on earth about those lovely colors led JCrew to name it pale lilac? And secondly, there are really that many folks out there buying a 55$ Linen scarf that resulted in the delayed ship date? Hm, maybe it is worth it!

Next, I am considering this pair of espadrilles. They are a super cute combo of raffia and metallic, and hopefully a comfy summer shoe that's a bit more dressy than my standard Havaianas.

The Everyday Cardigans are way under-appreciated if you ask me. I've yet to see them on anyone else, but love the two I already own and wouldn't feel bad about adding the light pink "blossom" color to my wardrobe.

And last, I'm going out on a limb to try another burnt orange (excuse me, Moroccan Spice) tank. I love how the color and the ruffles of this tank in theory, but I also thought I'd love the Tissue Garland Tank, which ended up being a disaster on me. I'm hoping this tank will layer better than its predecessor, but we shall see.

I'm getting hives from this sale!

Hurry folks, because for today and tomorrow only you can get 20% off fab shoes at Just enter MYFRIEND at checkout. I recently bought some lovely Chie Mihara's that I think I might return and rebuy to get this lower price :) Also, don't forget to use BigCrumbs when you buy... because on top of the 20% savings you can get 12% cashback... wow, kind of rocks my world. Oh, and shipping is free. Seriously, how can you beat this??

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Update: Aniseed Doppelganger

Sadly, folks, the Aniseed dupe is not for me. First impression: it's a fantastic alternative to the ever-elusive and never-on-sale Aniseed skirt... but for those of us that are a bit on the pear-shaped side, it's just lovely in-theory (sad-face). Truth be told, given my shape and size, the darned thing was too short to be appropriate. I'm not surprised as I figured you probably need to size up on Modcloth (ala F21), plus the noted 19" hemline (eek)... Oh well, I gave it a shot!

So based on my bum, I'm going to send it back to ModCloth for a refund, unless someone who missed out because it sold out, let's me know they want it in the next day or two. It's a size large, and you can view it on ModCloth's site here.

I'm wearing tights and buying bathing suits. Big old WTF.

Today's post is an extension to Sunday's ramblings...

As suspected, the Anthropologie sale is on, but more of a mini-sale than a lot of fellow bloggers hoped or expected. That being said, I was suckered in to order 2 random items that showed up on my wishlist as second cuts.

First, the Bluebells Awakening Cardi.

I don’t know why I’ve always been drawn to this sweater - probably the color combo of jet black and pastels - but at $39.95 ($158 originally) I just couldn’t pass it up. The online reviews are promising, and I think it would look fabulous with my J Crew symphony necklace and a grey pencil skirt or dark jeans.

The Circle Adornments top went 50% off, but weirdly, I decided to pass after a reality check on my wardrobe - I think I have enough light-pink flowy tops to sink a small ship.

So, beyond those, not much else on my wishlist went on sale today. Except for this random swimsuit I added a loooong ways back. Yea, totally random. I mean, I hate buying bathing suits, and certainly have never bought one from Anthro (holy hell why would I spend that much on an item of clothing I will never feel hot in?!?!), but an oldie one-piece with a fun red/white/navy print and a cute skirt that might make me feel a bit more covered went on super markdown... and I decided to give it a go.

The item name is On-The-Dot Maillot, but doesn’t seem to be an active posting any longer... so apologies for the teensy picture. They have several sizes available (according to my wishlist) and it’s a steal at 30 freaking bucks (especially as opposed to the original $268 price tag – wtf?). Style number is 953665, in case you are interested in picking one up for yourself.

Bottom line: including tax, I got in and out of the sale for under 85 bucks… I’m actually kind of impressed by myself.

That's a wrap.

P.S. I should have my Aniseed Skirt doppelganger today or tomorrow. Will post a review asap!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I've got a case of the Sundays...

I know its foolish and wholly unproductive, but some Sundays I sit around and pout about the weekend being over. Today was such. I thought about perking myself up with some good old-fashioned retail therapy, but held off ONLY because of my anticipation of this week's Anthropologie Sale... so, in lieu of some shopping, I updated my Anthro wishlist, prepping for Tuesday's big sale. Of course the two items I covet most wont likely hit the sale racks quite yet, but a girl can daydream...

Bountiful Birds Blouse is a great top because it's fun and neutral at the same time.

And while I'm a little put off by the neckline that resembles Charmin TP, I love love love the watercolor print of the Wild Imagination Tank.

And alas, the one top that I might have a shot of seeing hit the sale, appears to be nearly sold out online... crikey! Perhaps I should just bite the bullet and buy the Circle Adornments Top now... Oh, what to do.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Deja vu...

Happy Friday everyone. Oh wait, not everyone has tomorrow off. Ha, sorry to those of you who have one more day before the sweet sweet weekend.

I have yet to order anything from ModCloth, but have to admit I've been quite tempted lately, given their excellent knock-offs. First, off the Cricket Match Skirt:

Holy MOLY, when I saw this skirt I about screamed because I've been wanting the Anthropologie Aniseed skirt SO bad but haven't pulled the trigger as of yet (shouldn't that darn thing go on sale soon??). I'm worried about the fit of the ModCloth impostor... actually, more about the length... I can't do short/mini. Oh, conundrum.

Which brings me to the next ModCloth clone, the Ivory Symphony Skirt, which looks strikingly like the J Crew Tiered Brique Skirt, but... LONGER! I likely. The Tiered Brique skirt is way cute for both evenings out and work, but not long enough IMO...

ModCloth Version

J Crew Version

Thoughts? Anyone had luck with ModCloth??

Monday, May 10, 2010

1 part strange 3 parts loves it!

Ok, so the setting is a little bizarre, and the fact they this many guys got together and put together the choreography for no obvious reason, is a little... odd.

BUT, ever since I discovered Glee, I have to say I am just a huge sucker for boys who can harmonize and boogie down. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Love it or leave it?

I know I need another pair of shoes like a hole in my head, BUT I love Bettye Muller shoes, and don't actually have any blue patent flats in my life... so.... I'm going to think about it, and perhaps pull the trigger if the my size is still available in a few hours.

The price is certainly right (read: mega sale!), and I've been inspired be one of my favorite bloggers, Goldenmeans, pull together some amazing outfits with a royal blue pair of heels. Like here and here. So adorable, right??

See how versatile a bright blue pair of shoes can be in one's wardrobe?

That's it for today... sorry, nursing a mini-hangover after dinner with my lovely sister last night =)

Friday, May 7, 2010


While writing my post yesterday regarding my shopping obsession, I got a great LOL after thesaurusing addiction:

crap·u·lence (krāp'yə-ləns) n.

1. Sickness caused by excessive eating or drinking.
2. Excessive indulgence; intemperance.

Seriously? This is a real word. And it means that? My life is full of crapulence.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I’m more of a shoe-gal anyhow…

One major danger of the blogosphere is the extra spending it causes -- buying things you simply don’t need, but rather just because you saw it on another blog. Seriously, this is how it will go: I’ll be catching up on my fashion blogs, see how adorable Ms. Bloggy looks in her outfit of the day, and literally have a physical reaction and need to have her shirt/skirt/shoes. Sometimes I’ll be satisfied with just a little virtual window shopping, others, the itch just wont go away. I think this pesky situation might be called ‘addiction’, but who’s wanting to get all scientific?

So this routine of jonesing happened recently when I saw a review of this bicycle-covered dress from Anthropologie and it reminded me of that oldie-but-goodie Moth cardigan they had a few years back. And I realized… crap, I want it. Bad. It’s SO Emma Pillsbury: dainty, minty, yay!

So I started my search. Sadly, instead of lucking out with finding one up for a super fab sale, I of course I saw this cutey blogger rocking the cardi with a skirt I already own, and it made me crazy to have it even more. And of course, the two-wheeler cardigan is impossible to find.

So I started looking for a substitute - something else to get this monkey off my back. Cha-ching, I’m hoping I’ve struck gold (but you never know with F21)! Perfectly similar, but even slightly better (shoes, little ladies traveling, thaz me!) I stumbled upon these fab cardi’s, which in the end are distinctly a way better option (read:cheaper) than anything I would have found at Anthro. And now both are now on their way to my office (sorry mailroom guys, but don’t want to risk someone stealing them from my front stoop).

How can you beat this one for 14 stinking bucks.

And naturally, I bought a back-up to my back-up.
It has ruffles, TOO. How am I not sick of ruffles? I'm not.

Oh, and because I saw this top, and I have zero self-restraint, I got it, too. It’s minty, bedazzled, looks super comfy for summer, and got my to the free-shipping level with F21. Now here’s crossing my fingers that it isn’t too booby-ish.