Monday, July 26, 2010

Holy batman, what is the meaning of this???

My husband and I are traveling to Italy in about a month (eek), and beyond a financial windfall, we also need some good city maps for our adventures. So late last week, I hopped on to do some research, deciding on the Rough Guide Maps... great reviews, waterproof, awesome.

So I ordered one for Rome, Florence, Venice.


Or so I thought. I received a puzzling note about how two shipped, and I thought, hm wonder when the other will. Check it out.

Seriously?? Amazon, you kill me with your free-but-entirely-crappy shipping.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Long week calls from some major retail therapy...

I've been swamped at work, so apologies for the missing in action blogging. I haven't however been too swamped to not discover some new Tops and Tees I MUST have. Not from my usual go-to stores, but found some lovely new pieces for my wardrobe from Ann Taylor (and it was 20% off) and Tory Burch (weird, but super sale going on!!).

Hope the colors are as gorge in real life.

Ditto from above.

Must. Have. This.

Love me some critters!

That's it for now... TGIF all!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A wedding next week, what to wear??

I'm heading to New Hampshire next week for a wedding and a visit with the in-laws. Of course, traveling always comes with the big question... what should I pack?? It's been unbearably hot both here in Chicago and there in NH, so comfort is going to be a high priority, but since I get to spend time with so many people we don't normally see, I of course want to look cute and sassy.

The big event of the weekend is a wedding. I have the J Crew Lorelei Dress I bought last year, and have only worn twice. The dress is gorgeous, and quite flattering, though I'm always wishing it had straps. That being said, it's definitely a front runner. I'd pair it with my the Anthro Demi-Sec gold sequins cardigan made by Sanctuary and gold Corso Como strappy sandals.

So that's option 1. I truly think it's a lovely outfit, and next weekend would certainly be a good opportunity to get another wear out of the Lorelei dress. Yea? I give it an 8 out of 10.

Butttt, if I were to splurge on something new, it would hands down be the Anthropologie Mullany Dress. Oy, I'm smitten. I love the 50s styling, and the polka-patterns... and my mind goes wild imagining how I'd accessorize. I have these mint flats that I think would look lovely...

So, there is my dilemma. Thoughts? Do I save my pennies and wear the Lorelei or give the Mullany a try with those minty lovelies?

Monday, July 5, 2010

There is no place like home...

So I got hit by this cold bug harder than I initially thought, and therefore have been MIA for the past 4 days... so exactly how I wanted to spend the 4-day weekend. (Sarcasm, folks.)

Silver lining is that I'll hopefully be all better for my parent's visit to Chicago next weekend. Yay!

AND, while feeling sick and sorry for myself, I ordered a little treat. There is nothing like a little retail therapy. I've been needing, erm wanting, some cute red patent shoes to go with my Anthropologie Navy two-wheeler shirt dress (and maybe the white Beda, or is that two candy-striper??), so I starting combing through the online shoe retailers I heart so much. I came across these very Kate-Spade-ish mini-pumps that I decided to see in real life (love the free shipping/returns endless!!). Hip-yip, they arrived they very next day and while I've never worn this brand before, the Circa Joan & David Badge pumps are adorable and more comfy than their mighty-affordable price tag might suggest. Net net... being sick blows, but these shoes and their cherry red color and bow are cute enough to make me squeal.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Drum roll, please!!!

And the winner is....

AppGal... Hip hip hooray!

I sent you an email to coordinate - can't wait to hear what loot your bring home ;)

Readers, check out her lovely blog, Musings on the Mountain.