Thursday, July 8, 2010

A wedding next week, what to wear??

I'm heading to New Hampshire next week for a wedding and a visit with the in-laws. Of course, traveling always comes with the big question... what should I pack?? It's been unbearably hot both here in Chicago and there in NH, so comfort is going to be a high priority, but since I get to spend time with so many people we don't normally see, I of course want to look cute and sassy.

The big event of the weekend is a wedding. I have the J Crew Lorelei Dress I bought last year, and have only worn twice. The dress is gorgeous, and quite flattering, though I'm always wishing it had straps. That being said, it's definitely a front runner. I'd pair it with my the Anthro Demi-Sec gold sequins cardigan made by Sanctuary and gold Corso Como strappy sandals.

So that's option 1. I truly think it's a lovely outfit, and next weekend would certainly be a good opportunity to get another wear out of the Lorelei dress. Yea? I give it an 8 out of 10.

Butttt, if I were to splurge on something new, it would hands down be the Anthropologie Mullany Dress. Oy, I'm smitten. I love the 50s styling, and the polka-patterns... and my mind goes wild imagining how I'd accessorize. I have these mint flats that I think would look lovely...

So, there is my dilemma. Thoughts? Do I save my pennies and wear the Lorelei or give the Mullany a try with those minty lovelies?


  1. Ohh I LOVE the lorelei dress style. I have THREE lorelei dresses because they are OH so flattering and I have to admit- I'm loving that first outfit. PICK THAT ONE!!!

  2. Love the dots and pop of color with the shoes!!!

    <3 kp

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  3. First option will be beautiful for a wedding!