Monday, August 30, 2010

These shoes are made for.... walking???

We're T-minus 48 hours until we depart for our Italian adventure, and I think (read: better have) found some shoes that work on both the comfy and cute factors. I while ago, I came to grips that I needed some functional shoes for the trip (though I plan to bring several pairs of my Chie's for the evenings). So sad. But finally, after hours of searching have decided on and ordered these Ecco sandals. Good lordy, they make me cringe a bit, but I know if I don't wear something practical (boo), I'll be paying for it dearly (or at least the hubs will with all my moaning and groaning.

First, the bronze version

Second, a lovely light neutral patent

Ecco=old lady, but I'm hoping these are old and wise, not old and shameful.

I like the bronze and pale gray patent colors, and hope they look tasteful in real life. In fact, the metallic pair are faintly reminiscent of some adorable Corso Como's I have that are fab... until I walk a few too many blocks... I guess, at the end of the day, it doesn't entirely matter, so long as blisters or achy feet don't put a damper on our big vacay :)

PS. I also scored these on 25% off AND 12.5% cashback... not too shabby for an old fuddy-duddy.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A.T.L. Babyyyy!!!

Nope, that wasn't a typo. While I'm publicly admitting that I l.o.v.e Jersey Shore (well except for Sammi the stinking-whiner), I'm not a believer of The Situation's gym-tan-laundry rules. Nope, it's just not for me. In fact, I'm pasty, more jelly-ish than I'd like, and hate to wash OR fold. That being said, I DO puffy heart ATL. ATL, that's Ann Taylor LOFT, and we've been calling in that way before Mike the Situation even thought about waxing his chest.

You can find some really versatile and cute wardrobe pieces at the LOFT. The fit isn't always the best, but the cost is super fair, so on more than one occasion I've bought something full-on intending to tailor the heck out of it. And it's been worth it. Totes. Italics or ON today, readers.

Below are some cute options on the site right now. And if you buy one FP top, you get 50% off another ... I love solid reasons to buy MORE.

The ruffle hemmed bubble top is crease-resistant, machine washable, and FREAKING adorable. I dig the burnt orange, it's very ala J Crew's sepia colorway from last fall.

And when this Sequined Shell is finally available for purchase, I will for sure be clicking and buying. The price is right, and the shape looks super flattering for gals with hips like this moi.

And while the Flutter Sleeve Charlotte Dress isn't on sale, I simply adore the color and think it'd look fab with dark tights and black patent shoes come winter.

And that's a wrap. This is Emily and I'm a supporter of the GFF.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Spaghetti and Sequins

Happy Thursday, y'all!

Sorry I've been a neglectful blogger of late. Life has been... busy. Good busy. But nevertheless, busy. And some things have fallen to the wayside, like blogging. And ironing. Yea, I said (read: typed) ironing. In fact, as I was trying to find something to wear today, I literally felt shame when I realized just how wrinkly everything in my closet is right now. And on my walk to the train, I actually put a notice on my blackberry for Saturday morning, to IRON.

Yes, I am lame.

And OCD.

So this little busy-bee has been slowly checking off the to-do's to ready me and hubs for our upcoming trip (yippee!!). If I haven't talked about it enough already, here's the scoop: we're taking our delayed honeymoon and heading to sweet, gorgeous Italy. Ah, I can't freaking wait to drown myself in a bottle of wine AND a bowl of pasta. At that same time. Every night for the 2 weeks we're there. So, in the anticipation of what is easily the biggest daddy of a vacation we've ever taken, I've been collecting travel-sized toiletries, researching for the best most functional bags we can carry, AND of course stocking up on a new wardrobe... just for this one trip. And one of my favoritest, yes favoritest, purchases is this fab gold sequined scarf. I know for travel, comfort rules. Comfort and neutral ... so I thought this adorable, trendy scarf would be the perfect little accessory to take my daytime duds to something fun and suitable for an evening out of gnocchi and Chianti.

Sequins are all the rage right now, and I personally love the trend. I don't want to overdo it with the glitter, no way, but I have to admit, I now own 4 sequined items in my wardrobe - a cardi, a scarf (see above), a fab top from Tory Burch, and a funky little tank from JC... Please note, if more than one of these come with me to Italia, I swear an oath to all that I hold holy, that I wont wear more than one piece at a time.

Anyhow, back to where I was going. Besides overdoing it with the sparkles, you can also go wrong when playing with sequins. And for your reading pleasure, I've also identified some other unforgivable sequin "don'ts":

First, this hat. Other than a headband, ladies (and gents I guess) do NOT put sequins on thy head. Of note, this hat was being sold on a Disney website (I wont name it, so as not to incur the wrath of the mouse, but I just had to chuckle because I'm sure there are several people at the Magical Kingdom RIGHT NOW wearing this hideous fashion fug.

And then, I found this puppy. And guess what readers, this sweet thang is on sale! For just $524 you can own this designer gold sequin jumper. Holy cripes. Need I say more?

That's all I've got for now, though I could go on and on. Do any of you have the same affinity to sequins that I seem to have? Or do you think I need an intervention given my expanding sparkly wardrobe?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Outfit inspiration: Gray Matter

I ordered these gray jeans from Banana Republic over the weekend and crossing my fingers they deliver on fit and style. In my mind they are adorable and flattering; simple but just a touch above bourgeois; and therefore a must-pack for my upcoming trip to Italy. Online purchase reviews are solid PLUS I had a discount code (BR is insane with those of late), so now I just need them to be fantastic in real-life so I don't add another return to my pile/to-do list.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Which is the best way to blow 325 big ones?

Deep breathes, because in reality, I wont be splurging on either of these fab-but-totes-unnecessary accessories. But if I happened to find money, say, growing on a tree, I would have such a hard time deciding between the two of you.

First, this amazing book-clutch...


These gorge shoes. I heart sequins.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Help me decide...

My yellow leather sandals are donzo. I get a lot of wear out of my yellow sandals because I love pairing yellow shoes with blues, greens, even reds. But they have gotten their use and are ready for retirement (read: a little beat-up from all of the good wears I got out of them). I've been on the prowl for something new to fill this horrid gap in my wardrobe (gasp! how can I live without some yellow shoes?!), and just haven't been blown away with anything I've seen. I've been waffling over the Kate Spade Bow Peep Toe flats for several months, and if they weren't peeps, they'd be in my closet now (I like peeps, just don't feel like I wear them AS much because of the Chicago weather realities).

So today I did a good scour of (ah, how I love endless), and came across two pairs I'm digging. Oddly enough, they two I'm deciding between are made by Pour La Victoire and Kelsi Dagger, which are sister companies. There is a decent price gap (about 90 bucks), and I love the style of the cheaper one (like the PVTs too!) but love the color as pictured of the Pour La Victoures. I could obviously order both, but then I worry I wont be able to make myself send one back. So... help me, readers. Which do you love more?

Option 1 (love the brighter yellow hue):

Option 2 (isn't this style fabs??):

Lost... and Found!

The interweb amazed me yet again this past weekend, when I cam across a 'vintage' but pristine new-with-tags Anthro cardigan by Moth that I loved, waited on, and didn't go to buy before it was too late.

The Motion Study Cardigan is great for Chicago weather with its short sleeves, but substantial weight. And I love love love the summery blue hydrangea color, mixed with the polkas and snail critter pattern. Here is how Anthro described it way back when: Slow embroidered snails sneak between polka-dots and buttonholes on the placket of this blueberry popcorn-knit sweater. How can you not love that little cardi?

Boredom and a need for some retail therapy led me to discover it in my size on ebay (yip!), and it's on its way already (love fast ebay shippers!) I will give a shout-out to the seller once it arrives and I can inspect the quality. For now, I'm just itching to see a package when I get home!

PS - and I love the model shot (sorry it's not a better one) and the combination with yellow shoes!