Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm on a Boat!!!

Been a crazy few weeks of work, so somewhat of a blogging hiatus. Not so much a shopping hiatus though...

I saw these on Gilt, and while I am prone to getting seasick, I freaking love dressing nautical-ish... so I scooped these sweet little boats shoes up. From Tory Burch, and certainly quickly moving out of season for this year, but there is always next, and I'm certain I will still love dressing like a skipper and that mother-effing song.

They best not hurt like my Reva flats, but these are the cute-as-can be Tory Burch Patent Sheffer Loafer, described in their own words as: Our modern interpretation of the timeless deck shoe offers a sophisticated patent and veg calf composition with brass rivets details. Patent leather with contrast calf leather trim. Brass grommet embellishments throughout. Contrast topstitching at vamp. Leather upper with white rubber soles.

Yeah, never thought I'd be on a boat...
It's a big blue watery road....yeah...


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Crossing my fingers for an Indian Summer...

I'm a major fan of the Shop-it-to-Me email service. Yep, I have been a subscriber for many moons now and every morning I look forward to the 'news' they'll share with me. Apparently some people find it annoying to get the email every day, but not me - I think it's because I'd be afraid I'd miss out on some amazing item that is on sale for 99 cents because I found out a day later than I could have. Yes, I have an itsy-bitsy shopping addiction.

Moving past my issue with over-spending, I want to share/gloat about two new and completely fantastic Kate Spade pieces I picked up today. Let me preface with the fact that I'm not a *huge* fan of Kate Spade bags - I owned a couple when I was in my early 20's but now I find them to be a bit boring/mundane and overpriced for the nylon material. But to each their own, so if you like them, by all means enjoy away - who is to say I know what I'm talking about! On the other hand, I've noticed Kate has been upping her ante on clothes and accessories. One of my fave (fellow Chicagoan) bloggers, Midwestern Cliche, highlighted a great skirt and dress a few weeks back and at the time all was sold out in my size.

Well, fast-forward 2 months, and behold the little treasures I found this morning on sale, and in my size.

Readers please meet the Easton Stripe Esti Skirt with Bow in Midnight.

I love the shape, the bow detailing and it's nod to nautical without being over-the-top. And for the sale price of $124, plus free shipping, this is a great addition to my lower-half's wardrobe. I am always light on options for my bottom half since it's so much harder (grrr) to shop for.

I also took home (well, clicked 'buy') this adorable, fun and simple Trapeze Top in off-white.

Notice the bow detailing?? Hello, pretty thing! Like many other's, I am a little obsessed with ruffles and bows - I need to hold back on buying things sometimes JUST BECAUSE they have a ruffle or a bow. I will not be wearing this blouse with the Easton skirt (too much bow-ness going on), but assuming I like the fit, I think it's a fabulous and classic staple to add to my closet.

Now get this, even though both items were on fabulous sale, I also qualified for free shipping - hip hip! Nonetheless, since I should be saving all money for wedding-related items, I still wished I had a 10% coupon code or the like. So I hesitated. And then for shits and giggles I did a quick google search and found a code that gave me $50 off an order of $200 -- holy moly, I snatched up that code (EDRESSUP for those who are interested), filled out the online purchase info and hit BUY. Seriously, how could I not???

What do you think? Silly to be buying skirts and sleeveless tops at the end of the summer? Chicago weather is already turning cold, but I'm crossing my fingers for a few more nice weekends (let it be cruddy all it wants during the week). And then I have the whole week in Charleston over my wedding... so I think it's fair to have spent the money... all in all I saved $300+ on the two items, didn't pay shipping and am on a shopping high. If you ask me, that spells out success.

I am going to keep my eyes on these shoes as I adore them and really want to add them to my ever-growing flat collection:
You like? I know, similar to my new Anthro embellished skimmers, but peep-toe and bronze. Perhaps I can justify?

That's it for today. Notice I've figured out to embed links? Wow, what a productive day for me.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Anthropologie, I heart you...

Update: the shoes arrived and are just as fantastic in person. I've wore them to the shower and received a ton of compliments, and since then have worn to work and had several people comment on how cute they were. I recommend going a 1/2 size if you're regularly a half sizer, like me - I ordered the 8, though I often wear 7.5s and I am glad I did!

Happy Hump-day all!
My fiance knows one of my absolute FAVORITE stores is Anthropologie. Say I'm having a rough couple of weeks or he owes me a treat, he knows the fastest way to my heart is a trip to Anthropologie. Routine is such: I drop hints (read: pout), S takes a little while to realize what I'm looking for and we head on down to Anthro where he sits patiently on the couch with the other husbands/BFs that are waiting for their women-folk, and lets me browse to my heart's content. We used to live right around the corner from the Gold Coast Anthropologie, but since we moved to Bucktown it just isn't as convenient or easy to make a stop in to the store... but when the Anthro outings DO happen, you can physically see my spirits being lifted (I know, sad).

After combing through the store at least 2 times (its so easy to miss things!), I usually end up with one or two pretties coming home with me. I try and act with some restraint given their price point and my inevitable lust for non-sale items.

What I love about Anthropologie is you can find unique pieces, similar to what you'd come across in a high-end boutique, but in a variety of sizes. And their stock is never stagnant. The selection is broad and diverse, but styles/items move fast. Some of my favorite possessions came from Anthro, including a gorgeous gold and green-gemmed frog bracelet that my mom gave me and some simple gold beaded hoops that are my go-to when I'm wearing a statement necklace. As far as clothes go, my Anthro tops have frills, lace, some sort of pizazz that just make you feel special when you're wearing them.

For the most part, my in-store purchases have been relegated to blouses/tops/sweaters and accessories. I've bought a few fantastic skirts, too, but never shoes given their limited selection in stock. However, sometimes when S watches a BoSox game and I'm in need of alternative in-home entertainment, I'll happily "browse" online. More than once I've come across a pair of shoes I covet, that like the rest of their items are a perfect mix of fanciful and sophisticated. Up until this week, it has always remained that way: I browse and love, but never pull the trigger. Well, I finally fell super hard and ordered a pair that I couldn't resist and had to have. Take a gander at the After Six Sparkle Skimmers described as: Taking a break from the tennis shoe set, casual canvas is gussied up with a crystal-encrusted t-strap for more formal engagements. So freaking cute! I love anything that is gussied!

So the order has been placed and I even paid for expedited shipping, but I'm worried my gussied skimmers wont arrive as soon as I'd prefer. I called Anthropologie customer service and I was surprised (and disappointed) as they didn't offer any solutions to ensure they get here by EOW. Which leaves me constantly refreshing my inbox, waiting for that 'your item has shipped' email and crossing fingers and toes that I will have them in my greedy little hands in time for my wedding shower this weekend. I know, Murphy's Law (and my luck) they will arrive on Monday, but if anyone out there is looking after me, can I call in a favor and get these pretty puppies asap? Thanks! I owe you!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Another giveaway on one of my daily reads...

One of my daily reads, Gigi's Gone Shopping is having a great giveaway! I love lipgloss, especially mini's since they are so easy to drop it a clutch or pocket if need be.

If not me, then perhaps one of you...Good Luck!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Exciting giveaway and a new etsy shop I love...

One of my favorite blogs, Through the Looking Glass is having a great giveaway that I hope I win! Its for any piece in a great Etsy store I've just stumbled upon thanks to TtLG: which.goose-check it out!

If not me, then perhaps one of you...Good Luck!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Did they name it, because you'll inevitably end up feeling guilty??

Oh Gilt, why do you make it so very easy for me to pick up designer items for a fraction of the price? It's only Monday, and by 10:30AM I'd already purchased TWO lovelies from today's Marc Jacob's sale... granted both were VERY well priced (I swear, and I'm not just saying that to ease my conscience), and I also had a credit which made the purchase 'free'. AND granted Marc Jacobs has such a fantastic vintage feel, reminiscent of what I drool over while watching Mad Men.

Even knowing the above, I didn't need the white LS shirt, but with the bow detailing, I just couldn't resist. AND it was so inexpensive for what I think is a very neutral and timeless piece. So I had to get it. And the Ada cardi, well, so super cute, and you need lots of cardigans when you live in Chicago and work in an office that feels like an ice-box. And besides, it was meant to be considering it shipped a mere 5 hours later! Yes, the two pieces are already on their way! I should have them by the weekend- now that's just a good deal with great service. Thank you Gilt. And I did refrain from buying the gorgeous Silk Windowpane Tie Dress that I had in my cart, in my size. That's something, right? Even though I held myself back, I do still feel a smidgen I will go on a shopping diet for the rest of this paycheck (not assuming i can make it through a whole month, so I'm operating on paycheck time now). Meh, it's a start! What do you think? Should I have pressed the buy now? Do you ever feel guilty? How do you manage the ease of shopping online with your budget? Do you ever feel better for buying something on the sample sale sites when you see later it's sold out? I definitely do, but think I should delve into that a bit more.

Dreams do come true (kinda)

I recently jumped on the Mad Men bandwagon (read: became obsessed and watched approx. 2 dozen episodes in a mere 3 weeks). Since I work in the Ad Industry I'm not shocked by all the drinking and spending, however, during almost every episode I make the following comments:

1.) I want to smoke
2.) I love the clothes from that era
3.) I don't love men from that era

OK, let me clarify staring with my third point... Don Draper is so very dashing, but really, let's all agree, he's a sleaze. If you looked up Scumbag, his picture ought to be in there. He stole someone's identity (which I still don't know why, but hoping I didn't miss something while I was catching up on blogs during the show). Even more importantly, he has a beautiful, super charming wife who he totally treated terribly, and then didn't do a very good job (IMO) of asking for her forgiveness. Oh well, makes for great TV.

Now onto the fashion---swoon, I love it. I was cursed with a figure that can't swing some of silly things of today's trends (skinny jeans, I hate you), but I would have rocked those clothes in the 50's/60s! Oh well. Maybe those full skirts will come back into style, with some editing of course.

And lastly, even though the characters smoke ALL THE FREAKING TIME, to a point that is disgusting to anyone, I still have cravings every stinking time a tune in. Maybe it's because everyone still looks lovely and fresh-faced DESPITE smoking 1-2 packs a day. Ah, reality bites.

Which brings me to the catalyst for this topical post: the new bad-ass widget courtesy of AMC TV... similar to creating a me on Wii, just a few short steps and there you are with the fabulous big hair, a tasty cocktail, the perfect set of pearls and super feminine (screw, skinny jeans, I mean the true sense of feminine) dress. Enjoy...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ahoy Matey! I'm a girl who loves treasures...

I am definitely a girl who adores gold. Through and through. I not only prefer gold jewelry, I actually downright avoid silver metals lately. Sometimes that makes my jewelry stand out, like my engagement ring which I always get compliments on for being yellow gold ("how unique, how antique). On the other hand, sometimes that preference makes it hard because real gold is so pricey, and the cheapies are great, but lose the gold-tone so quickly. That being said, I've recently picked up a few amazing pieces that I want to share.

First my custom monogram necklace by ginette_ny which I bought off of I opted for the medium size pendent, in yellow gold, with my new initials-to-be (wedding in October is quickly approaching!). I have to say, I was blown away with the final product. It's gorgeous. It's something I could wear with a cocktail dress to an event, or just with a sundress to Wicker Park Fest. I did however invest in another chain - one that can be worn at multiple lengths (thanks Mom!). Now I just can't wait until October 24th, to wear it.

Get your own at:

Next, I stumbled upon this amazing designer, Meg Moorhouse, who can take anyone's picture and create you a custom charm with their profile. Call me crazy, but I submitted a picture of my fiance because I thought it would be nice to have 'him' on a charm that would be close to me always. I wasn't sure she'd really be able to capture him, but my lord, she is amazing. I showed it to Steve, and though he was a little weirded out, he knew immediately it was his profile. I think it would be nice to put together a charm bracelet of all your closest friends and family. Meg is fantastic to work with, and highly recommend her charms. Check her site out at: (sorry, Meg, but I don't yet know how to embed the links)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Number 11:

I needed a good laugh, and this sure delivered. My favorites include the Camry Killer and Fat Girls Dont Ride Buses.

I'm in need of a Top 10...

I'm having a rough Thursday. It started with a stranger on the El tripping on me and damaging my nearly-new RM purse. Lovely. The day has continued with back-to-back meetings, handling urgent requests while trying to eat breakfast, and now lunch, at my desk. I'd much rather be outside as it's 74 degrees and fantastically gorgeous, but I have a zillionnnn things to do before I leave the office so not going to happen. What is my remedy for this sad state I'm in? While I eat my quickie lunch I'm going to remind myself of some of my favorite things:

1.) My engagement ring. It's amazing. Stunning, perfect and so freaking sentimental in a variety of ways.
2.) Crystal Light On-the-Go... I know, polar opposite of my diamond, but I swear I consume at least 3 of these a day. The chemicals or faux sugar are probably not the best for me, but it's a means to an end for getting me to drink a ton more water than I would without it.
3.) Sample Sales. I have had the most luck (or spent the most..?..??) on Gilt Groupe, but I've also picked up some great finds on Hautelook and Ideeli. I have to say I've been rather disappointed with Rue La La lately. I haven't cancelled my membership though. I love the thrill of getting that coveted item both in my 'cart' and then later on my front step. These sites have opened up a whole new world for those of us that crave fashion-at-a-deal but don't live in NYC.
4.) Etsy. Because of my jewelry-designing/crafting aspirations I was introduced to a while back. I haven't been able to make much of my own creations, but that's entirely due my laziness. I have, however, discovered some amazing handcrafted and one-of-a-kind items... I heart accessories, and especially those that other's can't find.
5.) Sleeping in. But Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut Coffee when you can't.
6.) Sushi, especially at Blu Coral on Milwaukee Avenue ( If you haven't been there you need to go. Now. IMO, it truly is the best sushi in town. I am a giant fan of all their specialty rolls, but definitely try the Urban Heat, and save room for the Exotic Bomba dessert!
7.) Luscious Lashes... I'm a believer in Revitalash (! No lie, my lashes are visibly longer after using this for the past month. I recommend buying it off Amazon for a better deal, but I'm a convert.
8.)Havaianas. I realize these are so similar-looking to those you can get at Old Navy for a smidge of the price, but they last so much longer and feel so much better. I have multiple pairs of the metallic beige Havi's, my latest I found at The Gap --- so bizarre they sell Havaianas, but fantastic because I can use my BR gift cards there!
9.) Pedicures. Ladies, we all need to give some attention to our feet. Everyone should carve out some tootsie-time -- it will relax you, and feet are just plain grody sans pedicure.
10.) Working late. Just kidding. But I do like sarcasm. Ok, back to the grind!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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Ants in my pants

My neighbors probably think I'm having an affair with the UPS delivery-guy --- he's here THAT often. Or perhaps UPS-guy thinks I'm running a small business out of our Bucktown apartment...I know, either of those worries should signal to me that perhaps I need to step away from the 'order now' button. As of now, the shame hasn't proven strong enough to deter me. And today, I am sitting here waiting for his arrival (yep, still talking about the UPS-guy), so he can bring me my newest favorite purse: a gorgeous super softy Rebecca Minkoff Morning After satchel that I scooped up during last week's Gilt sale. Do you think it would creep him out if I moved to the front stoop? Sadly, I've done it before.Will post a real-life picture when I break her out for her first use.

In case you were curious

Do you know the origins of the phrase "don't spill the beans". I kind of figured it came from a 1950's mother who chastised her messy kid - boy was I way off.

Meaning: A secret has been revealed.
Example: You have to be careful. Don't spill the beans.
Origin: The ancient Greeks were very fastidious about who they would let into membership of their many secret societies. A common voting method was for members to drop either a white or a black bean into a jar. White meant acceptance and black rejection of the new application. It only needed a few black beans for total rejection. The precise numbers of white and black votes were meant to be secret but, occasionally, the jar was knocked over and the beans were spilt.

The Inaugural Entry

Where to begin... wow this is a bit intimidating.

I've been a blog-reader for some time, and while keeping up with my favorites, often contemplated as to why I had yet to publish my own. What would I write about? Who would want to read it? I've thrown all those questions to the wind, and now, today, I am a blog-GER.

Part of the challenge was coming up with a name that had the fit (read: pizzazz!) and longevity I needed. After much hemming and hawing on titles, including some about rhubarb and jackals, welcome to my blog, Spilling the Beans. I am an unrepentant spender; I love sifting through the interweb for the latest info or the best deal on my favorite "thing"; and I am happy to share my likes and lessons with friends, family and just about anyone who will listen. Moving forward this will serve as my new medium to issue my opinions, share my experiences and just ramble if the day calls for it. I don't make any promises, we'll have to see how this all unfolds...