Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hello Sunshine!

Sorry for the mega-long absence. I would be surprised if anyone is even still checking my blog. Work, life, travel just got the best of me. Oh and I was hit with a major grody cold bug, so that's had me a little tied up for the past 2 weeks too.

Anyhoody, enough of my excuses: I'm back, and here to share a dress I had to have. Had to. Lilly P. is a pro at making lovely, feminine silhouettes, and I'm a major sucker for the bright sunshine-y yellow. Oh, and kinda a little OCD when it comes to stripes :)

I haven't seen it in real person, so I'm crossing my fingers it works for either a fun night out with the hubs and friends, or can even potentially be dressed down with a casual cardi. I don't have any summer weddings on my calendar this year (first year in a long time!), so I don't need a formal/fancy dress. So please please please, let this gorgeous bright and happy dress be versatile enough for me to justify keeping it.