Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Skyline time, mmmmm...

Happy Monday!

I'm back from a lovely but as always, much-to-short visit to Cincinnati which used to be 'home' and still holds many fond memories and favorites. One of which is Skyline Chili, which I will forever indulge in on visits to the Queen City ;)

I will have a more 'meaty' (ha, I'm so witty!) post for tomorrow that includes a new JC top I picked up in the mall... ah malls are so fun for us urbanites.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Free AND fast shipping...? You're rocking my world.

UPDATE - the items arrived, and sadly the jacket was horrible! As in already returned, back to AT in a day, horrible. The fit was impeccable, no gaping at the chest, even when buttoned, but that was the only pro. The color was a bland beige, not at all the subtle pinky nude I'd expected. The ribbons were droopy and pathetic looking, not like the picture... and the material was meant to be super duper wrinkly. I know I shouldn't have been shocked by that, given the name (Crinkle Jacket), but in the picture it doesn't look wrinkled, just kind of a nice fabric with a subtle texture. Even the other jackets I saw in store when I made the return looked terrible - the wrinkly thing would have driven me insane ... why would I wear this chic jacket, that I look like I slept in? Oh well, better for my wallet anyhow :)


So as I mentioned in my previous post, I did a teensy bit of shopping at Ann Taylor this week. I just couldn't resist the 30% discount - that's too much temptation for one weak girl. That being said, I think I truly practiced restraint by what I ended up ordering. To be clear, I loaded my cart up with about dozen tops and necklaces, then realized I don't need 3 more tops that are all in the shade of Dusty Rose... so out they went. And in fact, my jewelry box is always bursting with things I forget all too often to wear, so I held myself to only the one necklace (which again, was a giant steal. It's like I saved money by buying that necklace).

So what else did I allow myself to click "submit" on... well, after quite a long time of browsing, I happened upon this jacket which I never noticed and immediately loved. Well not immediately. Check out the back of it. Wowzah!! Ahhh, I can't even take it - so darling! And the bracelet-length sleeves will be perfect for my shorty arms and the warmer temps that will be coming to Chicago, hopefully, sometime soon. Plus it was ONLY available in my size at the time, so, really, it was destiny.

And here's a picture of the front... which is darned cute as well with the peter pan collar and all.

Ok, taking deep breathes, waiting patiently for my adorable jacket.

Lastly, I picked up this slightly-over-priced-but-not-at-30-percent-off tank because it's fun and girly, but neutral in color... so a good add to my wardrobe. I'm a thinker.

What's even better is the shipping was free for my whole order and I have already received the "your items have shipped" notice. Hellz to the yes. Ok, enough writing like this. I don't even know where it is coming from because heck, I'm a girl who wears J Crew and Ann Taylor. And says heck.

And that's a wrap.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Librett-faux, you've made me so happy

I loved the J Crew Libretto necklace when it came out, but was on the fence because of the ribbon-tie clasp... would it get grody from hair oils (ew, I know) or my neck... 'dew', when it gets warm here in Chicago? Ew again... I know! But a real possibility, and the JC costume gems don't come cheap! So I passed on it. But I loved it.

And then today, while perusing the Ann Taylor site, I came across this lovely trinket! And I know it's only one strand, but I adore, and think it will look lovely layered with some of my other baubles. Oh AND it's 30% (hells yea!) off until Sunday if you use the Friends & Family code (FRIENDS) making it quite a steal versus the Libretto. All it's missing IMO is a fun and fanciful name... take note Ann Taylor, a little marketing goes a long way with a retail-aholic gal like moi.

Now, let's just hope it lives up to my expectations.

God, help me!

Dear God (yeah, I'm calling on the big guy),

I want these shoes. They are gorgeous, they scream my name, and they are absolutely flipping cozy as could be in size 37.5.

Why do they have to cost the same as a month's worth of food?

Maybe I should give up eating? That's not an option.

Maybe I can become best friends with Chie Mihara and then because we're Bestie's, she'd of course hook me up with all of her fabulous shoes at a price that doesn't make me want to puke. Because that's what BFF's are for. Hmmm... I wonder where she lives.

Chie Mihara, we'd have SO much fun as best friends... call me.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm addicted to J Crew T-Shirts

I popped into the Michigan Avenue J Crew last night and couldn't resist a couple of their T's. It's like I have a disorder. A JC T-shirt obsession. The one point of redemption on last night's spree is that the two I bought were on super-sale, marked down from $42.50 to $14.99 and $19.99. That's a sweet bargain for tops that I'm sure to wear quite often.

The two I came home with aren't currently online (or that I can find), so posting some irl OOTD day pics in case you're interested in picking either up. the photo quality is awful so apologies, but using my BB camera to be speedy about getting these up and out there for you!

The one I wore today has a cute tulle and cotton rosette design along the neckline, accented by one antique-ish gem/crystal bead. It's a nice weight (meaning not see-through like some JCTs)and at $14.99 a total steal if you ask me. The only draw-back is this will have to be hand-washed, but I'll wear cami's to extend the number of times I can wear it before cleaning. I know. I'm grubby. Lazy and grubby.

I paired this T with my beloved short-sleeved cashmere cardi in Dusty Shale and jeans. I piled on some faux pearls and my new Alexis Bittar bangle, and popped on my gold ruffle flats.

Stay tuned for the other T tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Unforgiveable Fuggery

Seriously, now there are TWO versions of the giant, prairie dress? And again, people are giving it positive, really high reviews?

Maybe it's me that's lost my mind.

No, I just clicked on it again. It's freaking awful. Endless skies = endless arse.

This should be interesting (or a total bust)

Tonight will be a first for me: a Gilt Groupe event. Yes, indeed, I'm attending the book launch of "Classy" by Derek Blasberg which is being hosted by Gilt (hm, I guess I 'get' it) and Nate Berkus (ok, love him, but the combo is kind of strange).

I'm going to said event because 1. I'm curious and have yet to hear of, much less attend, a Gilt event... and 2. I'm not one to turn down some free cocktails (and hopefully a signed copy of this adorable book!). Of course, since it's hosted by Gilt and at the W, I tried to dress cute but was thwarted by the odd weather/my pale legs and a day's work/an-outfit-that-is-now-a-wrinkled-mess. Crapsters. Oh well, can anyone expect to look super put-together on a Wednesday evening?

Maybe I'll just keep my coat on.

I'll keep you posted on how the event plays out...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dearest Anthropologie,

It's Tuesday, so why no new sale items? Boo. I was hoping this shirt and skirt I've been drooling over would be on fab mark-down and thus on their way to me. Get on that stat.

Always yours,

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blair Waldorf made me drool

I watch Gossip Girl for two reason: 1. the fashion 2. Ed Westwick.

Yes, I admit, a part of me actually wants to be Blair Waldorf. Not, cheesy Leighton Meester, but B. And really, what I want is her wardrobe. And maybe a loyal maid that bails you out when you're in a fix.

And yes, I also have a major crush on Chuck. Purple ties, smarmy voice and all. I think he's dreamy.

In last night's Gossip Girl, I practically began drooling during the shopping scene. B's ensemble was hands down the best I've ever seen on the show. She rocked a fierce black and gold patterned Marc Jacobs puff-sleeved dress, paired with a cherry-red Chanel and net tights (Wolford, of course, which I'd never drop the $$, but DO look amazing).

The real show-stopper though, was the grape-colored Moschino Ruffled coat that literally made me ache with envy. If I owned that coat, I'd wear it every day. Every darned day, until the day I died. And then my hubs had better bury me in it. Is there a more perfect coat in existence? I think not.

The coat is so amazing, it even makes up for the model's terrible 'do.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm too much of a square

Happy Monday all...

Check out today's Jewelry by Made Her Think on Gilt Groupe for some gorgeous stand-out baubles. I would love to add this long and luscious pretty to my collection, but my jewelry case is already over-flowing with pearls galore. So, shockingly, I am showing some restraint... Holy craziness?? This is a day to remember!!.

These bad-a$$ earrings caught my eye. I without a doubt could NOT in a million years could them pull off, but if you can work them, oh for heavens sake please buy them. The softness of the rose gold + the tough and punky spikes = awesomeness.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Enjoying the day with family, but will be back for more blogging and babbling next week!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

You can be a single lady, little guy!

I'm a cheater...

Yes, folks, I admit it: I cheated. But I had to. I fell for the beautiful words, the romanticism of the french. I hope someday I'll be worthy of forgiveness... but for now, I'll just have to find some way to soldier on.

See, I cheated on Anthropologie. I love Anthro, I really do, but seriously, how can a shower curtain or cookie jar cost so much? Who buys said shower curtains or cookie jars? Or who pops online and says "yes I need this 70 DOLLAR BUTTER DISH. I mean seriously, who? I want to know you. I want to watch you, examine your life, understand what it's like to be you.

I'll tell you what kind of person I am... I'm the kind of person that falls head over heels for a $400 set of bedroom curtains. Yea, I am. I'm the kind of girl who can literally visualize how her updated bedroom will look with said curtains, starts scavenging for complimentary accessories, and daydreams about how freakishly soothed and at peace she'll feel in this new perfectly-curtained bedroom. Yea, I am. But I am not the kind of person that buys zillion dollar curtains. I'm the kind of person who pouts for a moment, then scours for something so close no one else would know the difference. I'm the kind of gal who scores them for less than half the price and custom made for her bedroom! Yea, I may be a cheater, but I'm proud of it. Meet my lover, ahem, curtains:

When they arrive, I'll hopefully be a blubbering fool and share bedroom re-do photo's, but in the meantime, please check out Jolie Marche, this amazing etsy seller I discovered recently. Her work is gorgeous and her feedback makes me certain I'll be pleased as punch when I hang these pups up :) Stay tuned.