Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blair Waldorf made me drool

I watch Gossip Girl for two reason: 1. the fashion 2. Ed Westwick.

Yes, I admit, a part of me actually wants to be Blair Waldorf. Not, cheesy Leighton Meester, but B. And really, what I want is her wardrobe. And maybe a loyal maid that bails you out when you're in a fix.

And yes, I also have a major crush on Chuck. Purple ties, smarmy voice and all. I think he's dreamy.

In last night's Gossip Girl, I practically began drooling during the shopping scene. B's ensemble was hands down the best I've ever seen on the show. She rocked a fierce black and gold patterned Marc Jacobs puff-sleeved dress, paired with a cherry-red Chanel and net tights (Wolford, of course, which I'd never drop the $$, but DO look amazing).

The real show-stopper though, was the grape-colored Moschino Ruffled coat that literally made me ache with envy. If I owned that coat, I'd wear it every day. Every darned day, until the day I died. And then my hubs had better bury me in it. Is there a more perfect coat in existence? I think not.

The coat is so amazing, it even makes up for the model's terrible 'do.

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