Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm a cheater...

Yes, folks, I admit it: I cheated. But I had to. I fell for the beautiful words, the romanticism of the french. I hope someday I'll be worthy of forgiveness... but for now, I'll just have to find some way to soldier on.

See, I cheated on Anthropologie. I love Anthro, I really do, but seriously, how can a shower curtain or cookie jar cost so much? Who buys said shower curtains or cookie jars? Or who pops online and says "yes I need this 70 DOLLAR BUTTER DISH. I mean seriously, who? I want to know you. I want to watch you, examine your life, understand what it's like to be you.

I'll tell you what kind of person I am... I'm the kind of person that falls head over heels for a $400 set of bedroom curtains. Yea, I am. I'm the kind of girl who can literally visualize how her updated bedroom will look with said curtains, starts scavenging for complimentary accessories, and daydreams about how freakishly soothed and at peace she'll feel in this new perfectly-curtained bedroom. Yea, I am. But I am not the kind of person that buys zillion dollar curtains. I'm the kind of person who pouts for a moment, then scours for something so close no one else would know the difference. I'm the kind of gal who scores them for less than half the price and custom made for her bedroom! Yea, I may be a cheater, but I'm proud of it. Meet my lover, ahem, curtains:

When they arrive, I'll hopefully be a blubbering fool and share bedroom re-do photo's, but in the meantime, please check out Jolie Marche, this amazing etsy seller I discovered recently. Her work is gorgeous and her feedback makes me certain I'll be pleased as punch when I hang these pups up :) Stay tuned.

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