Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Glee Me!

I found and plucked this sweet vintage enamel Pin off Etsy last weekend and can't wait for it to arrive.

IMO it's perfect combo of classy-yet-quirky. And of course, Emma P. wore a similar Red Poinsettia Brooch on a recent episode (image courtesy of lovely blogger WWEPW).

I actually saw a red poinsettia brooch at a vintage store around the corner from my house, but was pleased when I stumbled across the white version since it'll fit into my wardrobe with a little more ease.

I can't wait to wear it over the upcoming holidays!

Monday, December 20, 2010

OMG. I die.

I saw the On the Job dress on Modcloth and had to have it. It so Mad Men and the color is so up my alley.


And I can't wait to wear it with my new Kate Spade Bow studs.
I'm on a bow-bender, that's for sure.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Love at First Site

I saw the adorable Fuchsia Rhododendron Flower Heels made by Miss L Fire (an Anthro brand I adore for her quirky but classy vintage designs!) on Modcloth, and just had to have them. Nevermind I'll be wearing nothing other than snowboots outside of the office in the near future (dear Chicago, your weather kills me!), but nevertheless, the image of me wearing these with black skinnies and a ruffly black top to NYE was enough to make me click purchase. The heel is short and thus super comfy, and the shoe fits TTS in my opinion. I'm quite pleased with these, and would love to get my greedy little hands on the black version, but appears I can only buy them from a boutique in the UK (uhm, yeeps on the shipping!!). So Modcloth, please release the black version? Stat. Grazie.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Anthro Doppleganger: Gary Pepper

Saw this and had to share.

Modcloth cracks me up with their item names. Meet the Gary Pepper Dress.

The Gary Peper is a dead ringer for the beautiful but sold out Anthropologie Discovered Lace Dress. The only differences I see are maybe a slightly more rosey-ish gray and the overall length. Both versions are delightfully neutral, however the Anthro version was 36" whereas the MC version is 2-4 inches shorter. For me, that's potentially a deal-breaker, but I'm very anti-higher hem-lines! If you missed out on the Anthro beauty, might be worth a look for the price, given it's under 50 bucks. Perhaps pair it with a cute slip to add an inch or two to the hemline?

The Original, which sold for $158.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I cheated, and I'm not ashamed!

I loved loved loved the absolutely adorable Dusky Begonia T-Strap pumps as soon as I spyed them on the Anthro site several months ago. I'd be panting over finding the perfect blue pump to add to my collection, and while I adored these t-straps, felt they were a little too funky given the color AND the rosette (I mean funky and awesome, but not sleek-yet-versatile blue pump I've been dreaming about).

So the T-straps have sat in my cart for months.

Then yesterday, I decided to take a peek at Modcloth.com after reading a post from one of my fave fashion bloggers and seeing an adorable coat she'd mentioned from them. Well, the Haworth coat, erm which is really a cape (I know, I have a problem!), is fabulous, just wish there were a few more reviews to better understand the weight of the coat... erm, cape. That being said, let's face it, the price is great, love the gray neurtal color-way and it looks so darned snuggly... so I need to at least order it and try it. But before I did, I took a quick peruse of the show section... never really looked at the mMdcloth shoes before as I assumed they were dupes, too, not the real brand name shoes that you find (and buy) at other stores. And alas, look at what I came across! Meet the Dusky Begonia's in Light Gorgeous Gold, AKA the Chicka Chicka Noir Bloom Heel. The same Miss L Fire shoe, in a Gold colorway with a delicious red and black florette.

Ah! There were only 3 left in my size, shipping was free, AND they were even less than the original blue version offered by Anthro. So I bit. Or I bought. Or both. Now, I just hope MC ships these puppies out fast and that I'm able to rock them with my black skinnies and a new black lace top I picked up with intentions to wear to our team holiday party.

Eeek. Love when the stars-align like this!

PS - the Blue version are also on the site for about $30 less than Anthro.... in case you're interested.