Friday, December 3, 2010

Anthro Doppleganger: Gary Pepper

Saw this and had to share.

Modcloth cracks me up with their item names. Meet the Gary Pepper Dress.

The Gary Peper is a dead ringer for the beautiful but sold out Anthropologie Discovered Lace Dress. The only differences I see are maybe a slightly more rosey-ish gray and the overall length. Both versions are delightfully neutral, however the Anthro version was 36" whereas the MC version is 2-4 inches shorter. For me, that's potentially a deal-breaker, but I'm very anti-higher hem-lines! If you missed out on the Anthro beauty, might be worth a look for the price, given it's under 50 bucks. Perhaps pair it with a cute slip to add an inch or two to the hemline?

The Original, which sold for $158.


  1. Too funny, I did a big post about it the other day. ModCloth even responded to it! They buy from individual sellers and had no idea that Anthro had this dress.

  2. I think I actually like this dress better, although the hemline might be too short. If worn with tights it might work, I'd have to try it on. But it looks great!