Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm on a Boat!!!

Been a crazy few weeks of work, so somewhat of a blogging hiatus. Not so much a shopping hiatus though...

I saw these on Gilt, and while I am prone to getting seasick, I freaking love dressing nautical-ish... so I scooped these sweet little boats shoes up. From Tory Burch, and certainly quickly moving out of season for this year, but there is always next, and I'm certain I will still love dressing like a skipper and that mother-effing song.

They best not hurt like my Reva flats, but these are the cute-as-can be Tory Burch Patent Sheffer Loafer, described in their own words as: Our modern interpretation of the timeless deck shoe offers a sophisticated patent and veg calf composition with brass rivets details. Patent leather with contrast calf leather trim. Brass grommet embellishments throughout. Contrast topstitching at vamp. Leather upper with white rubber soles.

Yeah, never thought I'd be on a boat...
It's a big blue watery road....yeah...


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Crossing my fingers for an Indian Summer...

I'm a major fan of the Shop-it-to-Me email service. Yep, I have been a subscriber for many moons now and every morning I look forward to the 'news' they'll share with me. Apparently some people find it annoying to get the email every day, but not me - I think it's because I'd be afraid I'd miss out on some amazing item that is on sale for 99 cents because I found out a day later than I could have. Yes, I have an itsy-bitsy shopping addiction.

Moving past my issue with over-spending, I want to share/gloat about two new and completely fantastic Kate Spade pieces I picked up today. Let me preface with the fact that I'm not a *huge* fan of Kate Spade bags - I owned a couple when I was in my early 20's but now I find them to be a bit boring/mundane and overpriced for the nylon material. But to each their own, so if you like them, by all means enjoy away - who is to say I know what I'm talking about! On the other hand, I've noticed Kate has been upping her ante on clothes and accessories. One of my fave (fellow Chicagoan) bloggers, Midwestern Cliche, highlighted a great skirt and dress a few weeks back and at the time all was sold out in my size.

Well, fast-forward 2 months, and behold the little treasures I found this morning on sale, and in my size.

Readers please meet the Easton Stripe Esti Skirt with Bow in Midnight.

I love the shape, the bow detailing and it's nod to nautical without being over-the-top. And for the sale price of $124, plus free shipping, this is a great addition to my lower-half's wardrobe. I am always light on options for my bottom half since it's so much harder (grrr) to shop for.

I also took home (well, clicked 'buy') this adorable, fun and simple Trapeze Top in off-white.

Notice the bow detailing?? Hello, pretty thing! Like many other's, I am a little obsessed with ruffles and bows - I need to hold back on buying things sometimes JUST BECAUSE they have a ruffle or a bow. I will not be wearing this blouse with the Easton skirt (too much bow-ness going on), but assuming I like the fit, I think it's a fabulous and classic staple to add to my closet.

Now get this, even though both items were on fabulous sale, I also qualified for free shipping - hip hip! Nonetheless, since I should be saving all money for wedding-related items, I still wished I had a 10% coupon code or the like. So I hesitated. And then for shits and giggles I did a quick google search and found a code that gave me $50 off an order of $200 -- holy moly, I snatched up that code (EDRESSUP for those who are interested), filled out the online purchase info and hit BUY. Seriously, how could I not???

What do you think? Silly to be buying skirts and sleeveless tops at the end of the summer? Chicago weather is already turning cold, but I'm crossing my fingers for a few more nice weekends (let it be cruddy all it wants during the week). And then I have the whole week in Charleston over my wedding... so I think it's fair to have spent the money... all in all I saved $300+ on the two items, didn't pay shipping and am on a shopping high. If you ask me, that spells out success.

I am going to keep my eyes on these shoes as I adore them and really want to add them to my ever-growing flat collection:
You like? I know, similar to my new Anthro embellished skimmers, but peep-toe and bronze. Perhaps I can justify?

That's it for today. Notice I've figured out to embed links? Wow, what a productive day for me.