Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm grinning like the old lady who yelled BINGO

Not sure what today's blog title has to do with the post, but I enjoy it. So there it is :) Now on to clothes and shopping and other uber-serious mega-critical topics I wrestle with day in, day out....

I personally wasn't a fan of the Anthropologie Tracy Reese Dreamy Wanderings dress - the cut and fit was too fluffy and flowy. Just didn't speak to me. I also knew I'd look like a giant cream puff in it, so perhaps that created a teeny bit of bias :)

However, I'm stuck perusing the interwebs this evening while the hubs bogarts the TV watching college hockey (bow-ring), and I saw the Dreamy Wanderings Dress as a top on the Tracy Reese site, and I have to say, I'm intrigued. Perhaps it's the embellishment (read sparkles!!) along the neckline, but I also think the flowy top would look lovely paired with some structured jeans and black patent flats or heels. And, it's on sale! I think it's a pass for me now, but I'm bookmarked in case it goes to a second cut - then I think I'd have to buckle and order.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Seeing Red...

Lately I've realized how much my closet skews towards certain colors (read: tons and tons of blue), and while blue will always remain my go-to fave (all shades, of course), I've been itching to expand my options and wardrobe. I've noticed a few of my fave and oh-so-fashionable friends and fellow bloggers wearing a lot of red.



And I've got lots of pinky/purply/fuchsia's in my closet, but for whatever reason I've obviously gravitated AWAY from red over the past few years, because I have literally not a stitch of true red clothing in my closet.... save for a couple of U. of Wisco sweatshirts, which obviously I can't pair with a lovely new tea-cup printed Anthro dress I finally just got my grubby little hands on.

So I popped on over to the Crew to see what they had. And I almost clicked buy on a Cerise Jackie.

Almost, but didn't.

I love my other Jackie's: they are the reliable 'work-horses' of my giant cardi collection. But I was looking for something specific, and while the color looked vibrant and pretty, I wasn't sure it was truly red... I mean I love the romance ~slash~ quirkiness of the J Crew color names. But they also chap my ass because half of 'em I can't even pronounce much less define.

Plussss, beyond the world of crazy-Crew-colors, I'm also kind of annoyed these days with some recent JC quality issues. Yup. Material is kinda... cheapy, resulting in cardi's getting stretched out of shape in just one wear (holy drycleaner's bill, that's not going to work)! I've also had a couple of seams splitting, and no, NOT because I'm sausaging myself into a size that isn't mine. I know I'm not alone here - I've seen a lot of complaints across the bloggy-world... so I wont go any further on it.

Which then brings to me today's find - this gorgeous Ann Taylor RED V-neck Cardigan (yay! I prefer V's because they don't squish my many ruffly tops!). Double/Triple yay in that it's on special price (not sale, for some reason AT is marking it as a 'special price'... WTF?), and I scored an extra 20% of my purchase (10000000110 - thanks Chloe!) and 3% cashback with ebates - fist pump!

Happy day-before Friday :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wishlisting... A.K.A. emptying out the contents of my wallet

Some of these are some recent acquisitions and on their way to my little apartment here in Chicago... well,hello two gorgeous dresses that make me think spring! A few others are pretties I've seen and been dreaming about. I love both pairs of shoes, but can't find the flats in my size, and the heels, well I'm just trying to show some restraint :)

PS... Thanks to the lovely blogger Goldenmean's OOTD today, I went immediately and bought the Eiffel print dress from Modcloth. Oy, for being a e-retailer, and one with an amazing offering of gorgeous items updated daily, why can't shipping prices and times be a little better? They have so many pieces I adore and then buckle and buy, but never once have I seen a coupon code. Boo.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Vday to you....

I hope to get back into more regular posting soon!

Friday, February 4, 2011

My Valentine's Day gift. From myself, to myself.

Best 22 bucks I've spent in a while.

Happy Friday all!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It's a snowday here in Chicago, and while I've been busy on calls (in my world, snowday means work from home, not no work/watch a toddlers and tiara's marathon), I've also had a few minutes to peruse JC's new arrivals. There are a few tops and cardi's (god, I love cardigans) that are going to have to be mine - thank goodness I have my Spring Rewards card burning a whole in my pocket.

JC, you had me a "smoldering brick" and "button-back"!