Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm grinning like the old lady who yelled BINGO

Not sure what today's blog title has to do with the post, but I enjoy it. So there it is :) Now on to clothes and shopping and other uber-serious mega-critical topics I wrestle with day in, day out....

I personally wasn't a fan of the Anthropologie Tracy Reese Dreamy Wanderings dress - the cut and fit was too fluffy and flowy. Just didn't speak to me. I also knew I'd look like a giant cream puff in it, so perhaps that created a teeny bit of bias :)

However, I'm stuck perusing the interwebs this evening while the hubs bogarts the TV watching college hockey (bow-ring), and I saw the Dreamy Wanderings Dress as a top on the Tracy Reese site, and I have to say, I'm intrigued. Perhaps it's the embellishment (read sparkles!!) along the neckline, but I also think the flowy top would look lovely paired with some structured jeans and black patent flats or heels. And, it's on sale! I think it's a pass for me now, but I'm bookmarked in case it goes to a second cut - then I think I'd have to buckle and order.

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