Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wishlisting... A.K.A. emptying out the contents of my wallet

Some of these are some recent acquisitions and on their way to my little apartment here in Chicago... well,hello two gorgeous dresses that make me think spring! A few others are pretties I've seen and been dreaming about. I love both pairs of shoes, but can't find the flats in my size, and the heels, well I'm just trying to show some restraint :)

PS... Thanks to the lovely blogger Goldenmean's OOTD today, I went immediately and bought the Eiffel print dress from Modcloth. Oy, for being a e-retailer, and one with an amazing offering of gorgeous items updated daily, why can't shipping prices and times be a little better? They have so many pieces I adore and then buckle and buy, but never once have I seen a coupon code. Boo.


  1. :) Yay, both of those dresses are fabulous, I'm glad you're getting them! And ooh, tell me more about that necklace! I am a total sucker for star shapes....

    And yeah, Modcloth used to have tons of 10% off affiliate codes back in the day, but discontinued almost all of their codes a year or so ago sadly :/ They do offer free shipping during the holidays though!

  2. Thanks for the thumbs up, :) I saw you wearing the Eiffel dress and HAD to have it for my upcoming birthday. Loved the color combo, and the print! I went with the MC version though bc I wanted the thicker straps plus I hadn't heard of the other retailer.

    As for the star necklace - I stumbled upon it recently during my searches for Druzy jewelry... I'm enamored by the sparkles of druzy stones, but most look a little too chunky-hippie for me. This star druzy necklace from Marcia Moran is on endless.com right now.