Thursday, December 2, 2010

I cheated, and I'm not ashamed!

I loved loved loved the absolutely adorable Dusky Begonia T-Strap pumps as soon as I spyed them on the Anthro site several months ago. I'd be panting over finding the perfect blue pump to add to my collection, and while I adored these t-straps, felt they were a little too funky given the color AND the rosette (I mean funky and awesome, but not sleek-yet-versatile blue pump I've been dreaming about).

So the T-straps have sat in my cart for months.

Then yesterday, I decided to take a peek at after reading a post from one of my fave fashion bloggers and seeing an adorable coat she'd mentioned from them. Well, the Haworth coat, erm which is really a cape (I know, I have a problem!), is fabulous, just wish there were a few more reviews to better understand the weight of the coat... erm, cape. That being said, let's face it, the price is great, love the gray neurtal color-way and it looks so darned snuggly... so I need to at least order it and try it. But before I did, I took a quick peruse of the show section... never really looked at the mMdcloth shoes before as I assumed they were dupes, too, not the real brand name shoes that you find (and buy) at other stores. And alas, look at what I came across! Meet the Dusky Begonia's in Light Gorgeous Gold, AKA the Chicka Chicka Noir Bloom Heel. The same Miss L Fire shoe, in a Gold colorway with a delicious red and black florette.

Ah! There were only 3 left in my size, shipping was free, AND they were even less than the original blue version offered by Anthro. So I bit. Or I bought. Or both. Now, I just hope MC ships these puppies out fast and that I'm able to rock them with my black skinnies and a new black lace top I picked up with intentions to wear to our team holiday party.

Eeek. Love when the stars-align like this!

PS - the Blue version are also on the site for about $30 less than Anthro.... in case you're interested.


  1. Thanks for the mention! I hope that the cape/coat works for you. :)

  2. Oh, I love those, Emily! Well done! And now I'm horribly tempted to go find the blue ones on MC too...gah!

  3. I love the shoes in the gold!!!! They are going to look awesome with black skinnies!