Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Free AND fast shipping...? You're rocking my world.

UPDATE - the items arrived, and sadly the jacket was horrible! As in already returned, back to AT in a day, horrible. The fit was impeccable, no gaping at the chest, even when buttoned, but that was the only pro. The color was a bland beige, not at all the subtle pinky nude I'd expected. The ribbons were droopy and pathetic looking, not like the picture... and the material was meant to be super duper wrinkly. I know I shouldn't have been shocked by that, given the name (Crinkle Jacket), but in the picture it doesn't look wrinkled, just kind of a nice fabric with a subtle texture. Even the other jackets I saw in store when I made the return looked terrible - the wrinkly thing would have driven me insane ... why would I wear this chic jacket, that I look like I slept in? Oh well, better for my wallet anyhow :)


So as I mentioned in my previous post, I did a teensy bit of shopping at Ann Taylor this week. I just couldn't resist the 30% discount - that's too much temptation for one weak girl. That being said, I think I truly practiced restraint by what I ended up ordering. To be clear, I loaded my cart up with about dozen tops and necklaces, then realized I don't need 3 more tops that are all in the shade of Dusty Rose... so out they went. And in fact, my jewelry box is always bursting with things I forget all too often to wear, so I held myself to only the one necklace (which again, was a giant steal. It's like I saved money by buying that necklace).

So what else did I allow myself to click "submit" on... well, after quite a long time of browsing, I happened upon this jacket which I never noticed and immediately loved. Well not immediately. Check out the back of it. Wowzah!! Ahhh, I can't even take it - so darling! And the bracelet-length sleeves will be perfect for my shorty arms and the warmer temps that will be coming to Chicago, hopefully, sometime soon. Plus it was ONLY available in my size at the time, so, really, it was destiny.

And here's a picture of the front... which is darned cute as well with the peter pan collar and all.

Ok, taking deep breathes, waiting patiently for my adorable jacket.

Lastly, I picked up this slightly-over-priced-but-not-at-30-percent-off tank because it's fun and girly, but neutral in color... so a good add to my wardrobe. I'm a thinker.

What's even better is the shipping was free for my whole order and I have already received the "your items have shipped" notice. Hellz to the yes. Ok, enough writing like this. I don't even know where it is coming from because heck, I'm a girl who wears J Crew and Ann Taylor. And says heck.

And that's a wrap.

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