Monday, August 3, 2009

Dreams do come true (kinda)

I recently jumped on the Mad Men bandwagon (read: became obsessed and watched approx. 2 dozen episodes in a mere 3 weeks). Since I work in the Ad Industry I'm not shocked by all the drinking and spending, however, during almost every episode I make the following comments:

1.) I want to smoke
2.) I love the clothes from that era
3.) I don't love men from that era

OK, let me clarify staring with my third point... Don Draper is so very dashing, but really, let's all agree, he's a sleaze. If you looked up Scumbag, his picture ought to be in there. He stole someone's identity (which I still don't know why, but hoping I didn't miss something while I was catching up on blogs during the show). Even more importantly, he has a beautiful, super charming wife who he totally treated terribly, and then didn't do a very good job (IMO) of asking for her forgiveness. Oh well, makes for great TV.

Now onto the fashion---swoon, I love it. I was cursed with a figure that can't swing some of silly things of today's trends (skinny jeans, I hate you), but I would have rocked those clothes in the 50's/60s! Oh well. Maybe those full skirts will come back into style, with some editing of course.

And lastly, even though the characters smoke ALL THE FREAKING TIME, to a point that is disgusting to anyone, I still have cravings every stinking time a tune in. Maybe it's because everyone still looks lovely and fresh-faced DESPITE smoking 1-2 packs a day. Ah, reality bites.

Which brings me to the catalyst for this topical post: the new bad-ass widget courtesy of AMC TV... similar to creating a me on Wii, just a few short steps and there you are with the fabulous big hair, a tasty cocktail, the perfect set of pearls and super feminine (screw, skinny jeans, I mean the true sense of feminine) dress. Enjoy...

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