Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Anthropologie, I heart you...

Update: the shoes arrived and are just as fantastic in person. I've wore them to the shower and received a ton of compliments, and since then have worn to work and had several people comment on how cute they were. I recommend going a 1/2 size if you're regularly a half sizer, like me - I ordered the 8, though I often wear 7.5s and I am glad I did!

Happy Hump-day all!
My fiance knows one of my absolute FAVORITE stores is Anthropologie. Say I'm having a rough couple of weeks or he owes me a treat, he knows the fastest way to my heart is a trip to Anthropologie. Routine is such: I drop hints (read: pout), S takes a little while to realize what I'm looking for and we head on down to Anthro where he sits patiently on the couch with the other husbands/BFs that are waiting for their women-folk, and lets me browse to my heart's content. We used to live right around the corner from the Gold Coast Anthropologie, but since we moved to Bucktown it just isn't as convenient or easy to make a stop in to the store... but when the Anthro outings DO happen, you can physically see my spirits being lifted (I know, sad).

After combing through the store at least 2 times (its so easy to miss things!), I usually end up with one or two pretties coming home with me. I try and act with some restraint given their price point and my inevitable lust for non-sale items.

What I love about Anthropologie is you can find unique pieces, similar to what you'd come across in a high-end boutique, but in a variety of sizes. And their stock is never stagnant. The selection is broad and diverse, but styles/items move fast. Some of my favorite possessions came from Anthro, including a gorgeous gold and green-gemmed frog bracelet that my mom gave me and some simple gold beaded hoops that are my go-to when I'm wearing a statement necklace. As far as clothes go, my Anthro tops have frills, lace, some sort of pizazz that just make you feel special when you're wearing them.

For the most part, my in-store purchases have been relegated to blouses/tops/sweaters and accessories. I've bought a few fantastic skirts, too, but never shoes given their limited selection in stock. However, sometimes when S watches a BoSox game and I'm in need of alternative in-home entertainment, I'll happily "browse" online. More than once I've come across a pair of shoes I covet, that like the rest of their items are a perfect mix of fanciful and sophisticated. Up until this week, it has always remained that way: I browse and love, but never pull the trigger. Well, I finally fell super hard and ordered a pair that I couldn't resist and had to have. Take a gander at the After Six Sparkle Skimmers described as: Taking a break from the tennis shoe set, casual canvas is gussied up with a crystal-encrusted t-strap for more formal engagements. So freaking cute! I love anything that is gussied!

So the order has been placed and I even paid for expedited shipping, but I'm worried my gussied skimmers wont arrive as soon as I'd prefer. I called Anthropologie customer service and I was surprised (and disappointed) as they didn't offer any solutions to ensure they get here by EOW. Which leaves me constantly refreshing my inbox, waiting for that 'your item has shipped' email and crossing fingers and toes that I will have them in my greedy little hands in time for my wedding shower this weekend. I know, Murphy's Law (and my luck) they will arrive on Monday, but if anyone out there is looking after me, can I call in a favor and get these pretty puppies asap? Thanks! I owe you!


  1. I feel the same way about anthro :) I was just browsing the home decor options they have on their site.....GORGEOUS!!!

  2. Hi, I am a huge fan of Anthropologie and it is always my first stop when i visit the states, can't wait till it opens here.Gorgeous shoes, fingers crossed they arrive in time, have a sweet weekend! x