Monday, August 3, 2009

Did they name it, because you'll inevitably end up feeling guilty??

Oh Gilt, why do you make it so very easy for me to pick up designer items for a fraction of the price? It's only Monday, and by 10:30AM I'd already purchased TWO lovelies from today's Marc Jacob's sale... granted both were VERY well priced (I swear, and I'm not just saying that to ease my conscience), and I also had a credit which made the purchase 'free'. AND granted Marc Jacobs has such a fantastic vintage feel, reminiscent of what I drool over while watching Mad Men.

Even knowing the above, I didn't need the white LS shirt, but with the bow detailing, I just couldn't resist. AND it was so inexpensive for what I think is a very neutral and timeless piece. So I had to get it. And the Ada cardi, well, so super cute, and you need lots of cardigans when you live in Chicago and work in an office that feels like an ice-box. And besides, it was meant to be considering it shipped a mere 5 hours later! Yes, the two pieces are already on their way! I should have them by the weekend- now that's just a good deal with great service. Thank you Gilt. And I did refrain from buying the gorgeous Silk Windowpane Tie Dress that I had in my cart, in my size. That's something, right? Even though I held myself back, I do still feel a smidgen I will go on a shopping diet for the rest of this paycheck (not assuming i can make it through a whole month, so I'm operating on paycheck time now). Meh, it's a start! What do you think? Should I have pressed the buy now? Do you ever feel guilty? How do you manage the ease of shopping online with your budget? Do you ever feel better for buying something on the sample sale sites when you see later it's sold out? I definitely do, but think I should delve into that a bit more.

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