Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ahoy Matey! I'm a girl who loves treasures...

I am definitely a girl who adores gold. Through and through. I not only prefer gold jewelry, I actually downright avoid silver metals lately. Sometimes that makes my jewelry stand out, like my engagement ring which I always get compliments on for being yellow gold ("how unique, how antique). On the other hand, sometimes that preference makes it hard because real gold is so pricey, and the cheapies are great, but lose the gold-tone so quickly. That being said, I've recently picked up a few amazing pieces that I want to share.

First my custom monogram necklace by ginette_ny which I bought off of linealuxe.com. I opted for the medium size pendent, in yellow gold, with my new initials-to-be (wedding in October is quickly approaching!). I have to say, I was blown away with the final product. It's gorgeous. It's something I could wear with a cocktail dress to an event, or just with a sundress to Wicker Park Fest. I did however invest in another chain - one that can be worn at multiple lengths (thanks Mom!). Now I just can't wait until October 24th, to wear it.

Get your own at: http://www.linealuxe.com/jewelry-accessories/necklaces/yellow-gold-monogram-necklace.html

Next, I stumbled upon this amazing designer, Meg Moorhouse, who can take anyone's picture and create you a custom charm with their profile. Call me crazy, but I submitted a picture of my fiance because I thought it would be nice to have 'him' on a charm that would be close to me always. I wasn't sure she'd really be able to capture him, but my lord, she is amazing. I showed it to Steve, and though he was a little weirded out, he knew immediately it was his profile. I think it would be nice to put together a charm bracelet of all your closest friends and family. Meg is fantastic to work with, and highly recommend her charms. Check her site out at: love-and-victory.com (sorry, Meg, but I don't yet know how to embed the links)

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