Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In case you were curious

Do you know the origins of the phrase "don't spill the beans". I kind of figured it came from a 1950's mother who chastised her messy kid - boy was I way off.

Meaning: A secret has been revealed.
Example: You have to be careful. Don't spill the beans.
Origin: The ancient Greeks were very fastidious about who they would let into membership of their many secret societies. A common voting method was for members to drop either a white or a black bean into a jar. White meant acceptance and black rejection of the new application. It only needed a few black beans for total rejection. The precise numbers of white and black votes were meant to be secret but, occasionally, the jar was knocked over and the beans were spilt.


  1. Now...let's be honest...you used a greek origin to reel me into your little netherworld! I love it...bravo to you for doing this!

  2. You caught me... that was my toast to you, Mama Gyro!