Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Help me decide...

My yellow leather sandals are donzo. I get a lot of wear out of my yellow sandals because I love pairing yellow shoes with blues, greens, even reds. But they have gotten their use and are ready for retirement (read: a little beat-up from all of the good wears I got out of them). I've been on the prowl for something new to fill this horrid gap in my wardrobe (gasp! how can I live without some yellow shoes?!), and just haven't been blown away with anything I've seen. I've been waffling over the Kate Spade Bow Peep Toe flats for several months, and if they weren't peeps, they'd be in my closet now (I like peeps, just don't feel like I wear them AS much because of the Chicago weather realities).

So today I did a good scour of endless.com (ah, how I love endless), and came across two pairs I'm digging. Oddly enough, they two I'm deciding between are made by Pour La Victoire and Kelsi Dagger, which are sister companies. There is a decent price gap (about 90 bucks), and I love the style of the cheaper one (like the PVTs too!) but love the color as pictured of the Pour La Victoures. I could obviously order both, but then I worry I wont be able to make myself send one back. So... help me, readers. Which do you love more?

Option 1 (love the brighter yellow hue):

Option 2 (isn't this style fabs??):