Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lost... and Found!

The interweb amazed me yet again this past weekend, when I cam across a 'vintage' but pristine new-with-tags Anthro cardigan by Moth that I loved, waited on, and didn't go to buy before it was too late.

The Motion Study Cardigan is great for Chicago weather with its short sleeves, but substantial weight. And I love love love the summery blue hydrangea color, mixed with the polkas and snail critter pattern. Here is how Anthro described it way back when: Slow embroidered snails sneak between polka-dots and buttonholes on the placket of this blueberry popcorn-knit sweater. How can you not love that little cardi?

Boredom and a need for some retail therapy led me to discover it in my size on ebay (yip!), and it's on its way already (love fast ebay shippers!) I will give a shout-out to the seller once it arrives and I can inspect the quality. For now, I'm just itching to see a package when I get home!

PS - and I love the model shot (sorry it's not a better one) and the combination with yellow shoes!

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