Monday, July 5, 2010

There is no place like home...

So I got hit by this cold bug harder than I initially thought, and therefore have been MIA for the past 4 days... so exactly how I wanted to spend the 4-day weekend. (Sarcasm, folks.)

Silver lining is that I'll hopefully be all better for my parent's visit to Chicago next weekend. Yay!

AND, while feeling sick and sorry for myself, I ordered a little treat. There is nothing like a little retail therapy. I've been needing, erm wanting, some cute red patent shoes to go with my Anthropologie Navy two-wheeler shirt dress (and maybe the white Beda, or is that two candy-striper??), so I starting combing through the online shoe retailers I heart so much. I came across these very Kate-Spade-ish mini-pumps that I decided to see in real life (love the free shipping/returns endless!!). Hip-yip, they arrived they very next day and while I've never worn this brand before, the Circa Joan & David Badge pumps are adorable and more comfy than their mighty-affordable price tag might suggest. Net net... being sick blows, but these shoes and their cherry red color and bow are cute enough to make me squeal.

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  1. Super cute shoes! You're going to look so great in those, paired with all your dresses! =D