Thursday, May 13, 2010

Deja vu...

Happy Friday everyone. Oh wait, not everyone has tomorrow off. Ha, sorry to those of you who have one more day before the sweet sweet weekend.

I have yet to order anything from ModCloth, but have to admit I've been quite tempted lately, given their excellent knock-offs. First, off the Cricket Match Skirt:

Holy MOLY, when I saw this skirt I about screamed because I've been wanting the Anthropologie Aniseed skirt SO bad but haven't pulled the trigger as of yet (shouldn't that darn thing go on sale soon??). I'm worried about the fit of the ModCloth impostor... actually, more about the length... I can't do short/mini. Oh, conundrum.

Which brings me to the next ModCloth clone, the Ivory Symphony Skirt, which looks strikingly like the J Crew Tiered Brique Skirt, but... LONGER! I likely. The Tiered Brique skirt is way cute for both evenings out and work, but not long enough IMO...

ModCloth Version

J Crew Version

Thoughts? Anyone had luck with ModCloth??

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  1. Omigod... I love those skirts!!!!