Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Update: Aniseed Doppelganger

Sadly, folks, the Aniseed dupe is not for me. First impression: it's a fantastic alternative to the ever-elusive and never-on-sale Aniseed skirt... but for those of us that are a bit on the pear-shaped side, it's just lovely in-theory (sad-face). Truth be told, given my shape and size, the darned thing was too short to be appropriate. I'm not surprised as I figured you probably need to size up on Modcloth (ala F21), plus the noted 19" hemline (eek)... Oh well, I gave it a shot!

So based on my bum, I'm going to send it back to ModCloth for a refund, unless someone who missed out because it sold out, let's me know they want it in the next day or two. It's a size large, and you can view it on ModCloth's site here.

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