Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's in my shopping bag?

With the J. Crew 20% discount expiring tonight, I have to decide on whether to be a good girl and save my money, or fall victim to their tempting offer. Right now, I have 4 items I'm considering:

First, this lovely scarf, that has me befuddled. The En Plein Air Scarf is desrcibed as an exquisite linen blend scarf covered in impressionist-inspired florals. I dig it. I thought it looked a little hippie-tie-dye at first glance, but I was into the colors. But what on earth about those lovely colors led JCrew to name it pale lilac? And secondly, there are really that many folks out there buying a 55$ Linen scarf that resulted in the delayed ship date? Hm, maybe it is worth it!

Next, I am considering this pair of espadrilles. They are a super cute combo of raffia and metallic, and hopefully a comfy summer shoe that's a bit more dressy than my standard Havaianas.

The Everyday Cardigans are way under-appreciated if you ask me. I've yet to see them on anyone else, but love the two I already own and wouldn't feel bad about adding the light pink "blossom" color to my wardrobe.

And last, I'm going out on a limb to try another burnt orange (excuse me, Moroccan Spice) tank. I love how the color and the ruffles of this tank in theory, but I also thought I'd love the Tissue Garland Tank, which ended up being a disaster on me. I'm hoping this tank will layer better than its predecessor, but we shall see.


  1. Wooboy – you had me nervous! The 20% off actually ends tomorrow night (Thursday, May 20th) at 11:59pm. I've got a ton of things in my cart too - I just keep holding out for the morning restocks hoping one of my long-lusted-over items will reappear. Fingers crossed!

  2. I really love those gold espadrilles :) I vote for those for sure! I think you'd wear them with 100s of outfits this summer :)