Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This should be billable

I travel for work. Not a ton, but often enough lately that it has me looking for the perfect travel tote/bag. I kind of think I want this adorable carry-on. But really, I'd have to wait until end of August? That's a whole summer of traveling without this awesomely perfect over-nighter.


  1. I have this bag and I I love love love it. Beware. Some airlines will make you check it because of the size. That happened to me once and I haven't used it since because I'm worried the bag will be damaged. There's another wheeled Orla, same print, that is a bit smaller in dimension. It's not as cute, but definitey carry-on size.

  2. I love anything OK! I would get it simply for fun weekend getaways!

  3. I am obsessed with Orla Kiely!!! I only have car print shoulder bags though. I really want a rolling carryon like the one you posted!