Thursday, May 6, 2010

I’m more of a shoe-gal anyhow…

One major danger of the blogosphere is the extra spending it causes -- buying things you simply don’t need, but rather just because you saw it on another blog. Seriously, this is how it will go: I’ll be catching up on my fashion blogs, see how adorable Ms. Bloggy looks in her outfit of the day, and literally have a physical reaction and need to have her shirt/skirt/shoes. Sometimes I’ll be satisfied with just a little virtual window shopping, others, the itch just wont go away. I think this pesky situation might be called ‘addiction’, but who’s wanting to get all scientific?

So this routine of jonesing happened recently when I saw a review of this bicycle-covered dress from Anthropologie and it reminded me of that oldie-but-goodie Moth cardigan they had a few years back. And I realized… crap, I want it. Bad. It’s SO Emma Pillsbury: dainty, minty, yay!

So I started my search. Sadly, instead of lucking out with finding one up for a super fab sale, I of course I saw this cutey blogger rocking the cardi with a skirt I already own, and it made me crazy to have it even more. And of course, the two-wheeler cardigan is impossible to find.

So I started looking for a substitute - something else to get this monkey off my back. Cha-ching, I’m hoping I’ve struck gold (but you never know with F21)! Perfectly similar, but even slightly better (shoes, little ladies traveling, thaz me!) I stumbled upon these fab cardi’s, which in the end are distinctly a way better option (read:cheaper) than anything I would have found at Anthro. And now both are now on their way to my office (sorry mailroom guys, but don’t want to risk someone stealing them from my front stoop).

How can you beat this one for 14 stinking bucks.

And naturally, I bought a back-up to my back-up.
It has ruffles, TOO. How am I not sick of ruffles? I'm not.

Oh, and because I saw this top, and I have zero self-restraint, I got it, too. It’s minty, bedazzled, looks super comfy for summer, and got my to the free-shipping level with F21. Now here’s crossing my fingers that it isn’t too booby-ish.

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  1. Wow, very cute choices! I hope the top works out for you. I love the color and the lace.