Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Etsy Rocks My World

Seriously, Etsy is one of those inventive gadgets that I ask myself "what did I do before...?" a LOT. And it's funny, because a lot of people haven't even heard of this wondrous site, much less taken advantage of all of the lovely, charming, and creative goodies you can score on it.

Now me... I've made etsy my b!tch (read: freaking love etsy). As a recent bride, etsy was a savior - I found my invitations, vintage hair clip I plan to heirloom, and an adorable custom sign we used to direct guests to the ceremony site. For Christmas this year, the hubs gave me a sweet necklace and a handmade jewelry case, both of which I of course picked out (he definitely falls in the group of etsy non-users). And just today I found and bought the most amazing house decor that I can't wait to show off. It closely resembles something I'd been drooling over from Anthropologie, but was out of my price range (shocking, right? I mean, Anthro homegoods aren't in everyone's budget?? Who doesn't own a $90 shower curtain??). Anyhow, I'm saving the details of my latest fab find for another post.

In the meantime, as promised, I wanted to share some amazing bib statement necklaces that are sitting prettily on etsy, waiting for someone to pick them and click them.


I love the mix of this one’s gems, pearls and modest rosettes. The lavender color scheme is so perfect for spring/summer, and the price point makes this a steal!

Next up, is a stunner with vintage bronze and silver-toned beading. This one will make you stand out for sure, but teeters on the (right) side of gaudy with the neutral colors. Can't beat the price either!

Next up is an up-cycled statement made of vintage brooches by a new-to-etsy seller. A little pricier, but would look amazing with a LBD.

The next one is a work of art. I puffy heart this exquisite bib in a major way, but can in no way justify the pricetag. Maybe someone out there has a birthday coming up? This would make any old outfit birthday-ready. The rosettes, the asymmetry... Feels classic and trendy at the same time.

Less of a bib, but still quite a statement.

One last beaded collar to share that has me swooning. This one practically knocks me over both with it's beauty (the quality looks impeccable!) and unfortunately the price. Don't you think it's very much ala Olivia Palermo...

I found several other gorgeous pieces during my etsy browse, a couple of which are now on my wishlist. Maybe a summer splurge for me soon... but how do I decide which one to take home?

Andddd that's a wrap.

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