Friday, March 19, 2010

Peach is the new Pink...

Many of my favorite bloggers have weekly features like "Wednesday's Wishlist", "Thursday Thrills", or "Titillating Tuesday" (well maybe I haven't seen that last one, but it could work), and really all it means is here are some amazing (beauty is in the eye) things that person covets, needs, WANTS.

Anyone who knows me would attest that I have a constantly growing wishlist, and perhaps, instead of buying everything on said wishlist, if I blogged about the items, I would satiate my hunger for 75 peach colored shirts without shelling out hideous amounts of cash. Problem is, 1. I don't have a catchy tag-line, and 2. I am not blogging consistently yet... so I can't promise it will happen weekly, but here is my go at my inaugural insert-catch-phrase shopping list. And just bring this post full circle, enjoy the parade of peach tops that I think are quite fab:

JCrew, you're killing me with all of your gorgeous springy tops:

Vintage canvas bow tank in Light Ginger

And lastly, the Featherweight cashmere rolled-sleeve cardigan in Light Shell, which I don't think is getting near the love it should. It is pricey, yes, but a perfect little cover-up that can go from casual to dressy if need be. I don't own it in this color, but bought the dusty copper, which I love and am getting quite a bit of use out of, and am waiting on the dusty shale to make its way into my grubby little hands...

Next. F21, you will forever be in my wardrobe if you keep offering me such cuties at such primo prices.

I'm not sure about the peasant look (feels rather 2005), but I'm definitely digging this top. Rosettes, peach, and what looks to be a super comfy fit for summer... I'm thinking it could be worth the whopping $24 price tag.

If I didn't already own a few lace pieces, I would easily find some hanger space in my closet for this little gal. Peach lace, exposed back zipper. Cute!

And while this is NOT a top, it is peach, and uber cute. I don't often even try F21 bottoms because their hemlines are too short for my taste (and age), but if you can rock it...

And LOFT, or ATL as I like to call you because you're still part of Ann Taylor in my mind... you also have some lovely peach tops that my mouse keeps lingering over.

Split Neck Shell with Floral Collar is totally adorable, but how does it fit?

The Pleated Square Neck Top. I love you delicate pleats! ATL is calling the peachy color Vanilla - definitely looks more like a blush or peach hue to me.

Ok, and while this is NOT peach, I wanted to share another WTF, someone's lost their mind item... seriously, 700 bucks for a sleeveless top? Jcrew, I love you, I spend way too much money on your cardi's, T's and jewelery, but seriously, this is absurd. Even the model can't hide her "this-stinks" expression. Meet the Deco Scallop Shell. Undoubtedly someone will see the value of this top, just not me.

And that's a wrap.


  1. i love these peach toned tops, emily! such a pretty color and would definitely be a great addition to any spring wardrobe:) love the last j.crew top, but not for $700! lol wowsers...have a great weekend!

  2. I love peach tops!!!!!