Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I have a purse disorder

Though the trend has been out there for some time, I still love bows, ruffles, and unique/multi textiles. And any one thing that manages to pull these off in a combo is squeal-inducing.

While reading this month's InStyle magazine, I came across an oh-so-adorable grosgrain bag that is just so me, I had to do a little more searching online about the designer and the bag. The designer Anya Hindmarch, is HQ'ed in London, but has a speckling of stores in the US (unfortunately for me, none in Chicago). The website is fantastic with easy usability and great photos of the items, including scale images.

The particular purse I am coveting, is a beige colored Grosgrain shoulder bag with a tan leather and gold-toned hardwear strap. I can't seem to find that particular color online (boo), but found an almost-equally cute bright purple version of it. The bag style is Gracie, and the size looks perfect for both day-shopping and evenings-out. The bag aesthetic is timeless and classic but with the sophisticated pleating and lovely strap design, it doesn't bore you to tears.

For the price, I'd opt for the neutral beigey-taupe color, but again, I haven't been able to find it beyond the pages of InStyle. I'm also not familiar with this designer and their quality or durability, and let's face it, we're all a little tough on our purses from time to time, so would love anyone's reactions who may have been to a store or own one of their purses.

Another cute Hindmarch purse is this Grosgrain Corsage bag. I'm always a fan of the X-body style, and the color is divine.

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