Saturday, March 27, 2010

Che ore sono?

I'm getting super excited as our Italian vacation starts to near - we're T-minus 6 months, making it start to feel real. Recently, I've started mapping out our travels, we've booked hotels in both Venice and Florence, and have starting to of course think about what I'd pack. Seriously, isn't that sort of the best part of vacations? Plotting out all the cute outfits you're going to rock, AND some of the extra splurges because you definitely need them for your trip?

On that last note, I know I need to pare down my accessories to be a. easily transportable b. versatile and c. safe for travel. I know I wont be able to bring my beautiful engagement ring or the gold watch I wear every day without making ourselves a target for pickpocketing, so I've wisely invested in a more tame but equally as adorable watch for my trip. What I love even more, is it gave me an excuse to add a Philip Stein to my accessory collection. I think everyone could benefit from the brand's patented integrated frequency technology, which supposedly helps balance the body's energy flow and promote an improved sense of well-being. Hell yea, I need that. And honestly, I think it should be covered by insurance.

So while it's not covered even by Barack's new health bill, I've done a superb job in locating a Stein watch on a fab deal by scouring the interwebs (tooting my own horn while also comforting the hubs...). I love the neutral and durable silicon strap, and am equally as excited about the rose gold face - I feel like it's a good compliment to the two lovely watches I already own, seeing as they are yellow gold and a stainless steel.

See how I adeptly rationalize this unnecessary but wise purchase?

Check ebay and other online vendors for deals, or purchase from one of my favorite retailers, Nordstroms here.

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  1. So excited for you and your trip to Italy! Just wanted to let you know that I have been to venice several times and never had any problems with pickpocketing and I am sure you would be fine if you wore your engagement ring!! Also, make sure you get to the island nearby called Burano-it is way less crowded and is a fishing village essentially. The restaurant Gato Negro is superb, AMAZING seafood. We ate there one night when the canal flooded and we couldn't leave out the front door so they took us out through the kitchen!