Wednesday, October 13, 2010

'Tis the Season

I don't know where 2010 has gone. I'm super bummed that I feel like I worked/stressed/hurried myself through summer. But before I get too down about time passing and me growing older (and colder with the upcoming Chicago weather about a day and half away I'm sure!), I do have a couple of things to keep me smiling. Ladies (and gent/husband), it's time for.... Friends & Family discounts! Woot woot! I am a sucker for the F&F sales every year, but since they're so perfectly tied to the holiday season, I at least use them to buy things for people other than just greedy little me.

I received my first F&F email notification/invite and thought I'd spread the joy:

Oh, how I love Kate Spade. I mean, literally, I love love love her. Her style at least. She mixes feminine and quirky in a perfectly harmonious way. I'm not huge into the handbags, but her clothes have ,r drooling. But with amazing style, comes the price tag. I mean this coat is to die for. But the price? Husband would kill me. And I'd kill my adorable little dog if she ever got hair on it or snagged it while jumping on me (she's cute -- and I'm not just saying that because she's mine, I swear -- but she is a giant FAIL in the manners department. Or wait, does that make me the fail?).

Anyhow, so the Studio Mona Coat is never going to make it's way to me greedy, itchy little hands, but check out the typewriter bag. I definitely don't have one of those, so Husband can't say I'm being a spendaholic.

And I still want one of those book clutches. Since I still want something months after posting about it, does that mean it's worth the splurge?

I don't know. Weigh in... will you be getting anything with this 25% off deal from Ms. Spade?


  1. Ooh, I will need to check this out for myself. I love Kate Spade jewelry and may pick up a cocktail ring or something! I love KS clothes but haven't been able to justify a purchase. Of course, her shoes and bags are awesome, too. I love her whimsey! I think you should treat yourself to the clutch. You will kick yourself if the one you want sells out :(

  2. Oh, you have to go for the clutch. I got the Great Gatsby one and it's ridiculously charming. Let me know if you're up for lunch or drinks sometime, I'll bring it along! :)

  3. handbags are totally worth splurging on because, unlike clothes, you can't outgrow them. at least literally :) plus, kate makes her stuff really well. i have a nylon claire bag from like the year 2000 that i still use as my dependable throw-it-around purse. it's seen puppy slobber, goopy preschooler hands, mud, rain, questionable flooring, and it's honestly still in wonderful condition. it's like the chucky of handbags. it can not be killed!