Thursday, October 14, 2010

Help wanted!!

Happy Thursday all. This has been one of the longest short-weeks I've had in a while. Busy bee at work, and been staying on track with my very new workout goals (nothing I should brag about, but does require a 5am alarm)...

It was also a great week because my new Anthro items arrived. As suspected I puffy heart love the Dwarf Quince cardi, and even got several compliments the day I wore it (which, was the day after I received it, so should say something about how gorge it is!!).

My sale items are lovely little steals, so excited I snagged those.

Which leaves me with my dilemma I need your help with...

I loved the Frontrunner Blazer the day I saw it pop up on the website. Because I've been a little iffy of late in my sizing and how I've been wanting clothes to fit (read: I'm getting older and I realize form-fitting is definitely not alwasy appropriate), so I went to try it on, but it wasn't in-store when I finally made my way over to local Anthro. Boo. So I ordered it. Full price AND shipping. And it arrived and its adorable. I love the gross-grain ribbon bow embellishment, and the burlap-with-gold-speckled fabric you'd only find at Anthro. Fit is nice and comfy -- nothing crazy like super long or tight arms, BUT, I'm on the fence about whether I should go one more size down. Right now, it fits like a charm buttoned. And I think the blazer looks super cute buttoned. But if I wanted to wear it open, it definitely looks a little overwhelming on me. Just drapey in a not good way.

The product shot is of the blazer buttoned, but will that be comfortable for an all-day outfit? I sit at a desk for most of the day, and wonder if I wouldn't rather it open, and then I probably ought to size down. These are my trials and tribulations.


So what do you think? Do you wear your blazers open, closed, both? Thanks for the help!!


  1. Oh,that's a toughy. I wear blazers open and closed, depending on what I am wearing it with. That blazer, I would probably be more apt to wear it buttoned. I love it. I just saw it at my local store today and just love the ribbon detail. Go with what feels good to you.

  2. I agree with Pamela. And yes. (I wear them open and closed.) Some blazers just do look better closed, and some look better open. Some - well, some look great open OR closed. =D Any way you want to wear it, go with your gut on this.

  3. Yay for getting the Dwarf Quince Cardigan. I persist in the delusion that it will eventually go on sale, so I've held out, but I'm beginning to think I'm just in denial ;)
    As for the open-closed issue -- I agree with Carol that some blazers look good open, and some look good closed. No need to get rid of one because it can't be worn unbuttoned. As long as you feel comfortable wearing this one closed (maybe test drive it for a few hours?), keep it :)