Thursday, October 28, 2010

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe??

Whats a girl to do??

I must have some blue shoes. Must. And not suede (so not Chicago-weather friendly!). I want blue patent shoes with a small but adorable heel. A bright blue heel has been on my 'wishlist' for eons, and these have been on my mind for months, but if I haven't pulled the trigger yet, doesn't that means something? Its not like I haven't placed about a half-dozen Anthro orders in the past couple of months.

And if only these sensible heels would have a baby with this amazing electric blue 4 inch heel... then I'd be getting that match made-in-my-heaven.

On the other hand, isn't it possible I need to wait for the peeerfect blue pump, and instead fill my black-bootie void?

I totally heart these boots but wish I could see them in real life before splurging. Do they look a little orthopedic? Oh Chie Mihara, why do you have to be so pricey?


1 comment:

  1. I love those booties! I don't think they look orthopedic at all. I think the ruffles may be hard to wear all the time, I am personally in the market for booties and am loving something like this:

    still interesting with the side detail but perfect for everyday (If I actually wore heels and dressed up for work :D)

    As for the blue shoes, I personally love the 4-inchers because, lets be honest, those are HOT however, they were also something I would have bought in college to complete my rainbow of shoes (yes, there I invested in all the colors of the rainbow, I mean, who knows when you are guna need some orange pumps). For all purposes of my everyday life TODAY, very impractical...especially with the winter that lies ahead. HOWEVER these amazing MARC by Marc Jacobs blue shoes have the electricity of the 4 inchers with the practicality of the Anthro shoes in one lovely package:

    I may have to go out and buy these myself