Monday, February 8, 2010

I tried to avoid the doppelganger nonsense, and then hilarity ensued...

I stumbled upon a fabulous widget that apparently uses facial recognition software to determine which celebrities you most resemble. Note, I MOST resemble somone named Queen Rania (should I be embarrassed I don't know who that is?). And she is lovely, so surely, I will take that 75% celeb match. 75% of what, you ask... I have NO idea. But according to Heritage.coms amazing software, I resemble Hugh Jackman at an oustoundingly high 68%. I mean, Hugh is a hottie, but I don't want to think I look like him.

One last comment before I run my husby...could that be a worse pic of Helen Hunt?


  1. You look nothing like Hugh Jackman... don't worry.

  2. oh that's so crazy...u do look like a combo of queen rainia & mandy moore.

  3. Wow that's true.. Helen looks about 20 years old than she is.