Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to me...

UPDATE: the cutey flats from Neimans ran HUGE, so going to have to return and splurge on something else... perhaps something more 'springy' since I'm crossing my fingers we're heading OUT of winter any day now...


Does anyone else buy themselves birthday gifts? Since I buy myself schtuff of some sort pretty much every other day, I definitely also end up splurging on a few new treats when my birthday rolls around. I've been slammed at work, so while the gifts aren't here to enjoy on my actual 'day', I'll get to extend the birthday fun as these come in the mail! Here's what's on it's way:

The greatest most fabulous day calendar ever (I know, I'm late on getting this, but still have 308 days left of beautiful shoe reveals!)

And some new shoes for this girl!

This gorgeous and fun dictionary for my new office:

And lastly, I'm finalllllllly getting my hair cut and colored later today. I'm way overdue, since I haven't been since before my wedding - I know, I'm actually embarrassed about admitting that.

So that's the roundup of what I so generously bought myself for my birthday. I know, I shouldn't have... :)


  1. Are you kidding me? A birthday gift-to-self is an absolute necessity! (:

  2. Dictionary looks like it will go perfect with the cloth bound Penguin classics.