Sunday, February 21, 2010

I've got the blues... the minty kind

I've always been partial to the color mint, even though not so long ago people would have said it was a color best suited for women in the 80's. That's fine. I mean, I saw how it could make you look rather Boca-Ratonish. But still, still I was drawn to things with that lively, whimsical minty hue. So I allowed myself to splurge on a few things here and there, just making sure to held myself to moderation. Well, as of recent it's come to my attention that I wont have to check my fetish, or worry I'm looking like a senior, because as it appears, mint is back in style for even those who don't qualify for an AARP membership! How do I know? Because they are being hocked at many on-trend retailers, including JCrew, and Banana Republic... sure, they are calling the shade, "pistacio" and "seafoam", but hell, it's mint.

Here are a couple of new pieces I've picked up:
First, this pretty draped, piece, which I'm hoping is one long enough for my tastes, and two not too susceptible to wrinkles or snags (for some reason the way the fabric is pictured, it has me a little worried). I'll take a look when it arrives, and see if it's a keeper.

And this pretty puppy, which sold out in .02 seconds in seafoam, but not before I snagged on in my size (M).

Best part, well one of the other nice perks of this purchase, is BR is currently offer 25% of all full-priced items when you use your BR card! Take advantage with the code BRSPRING25.

Here are a few other adorable-at-least-in-my-biased-opinion mint pieces I've made a part of my wardrobe over the years:

A gorge necklace from one of my favorite Etsy designers, The Bean and Sprout:

A cashmere sweater I picked up on major sale from JCrew. I know, mint AND a bow, it almost made me have a seizure!

And lastly, the ever-popular Fulmar Sweater Skirt made by Moth and sold at Anthropolgie a few years back. I'm not exaggerating when I saw that EVERY time I wear this skirt, I get told how cute I look:

I personally love pairing my mint clothes/accessories with things that are rust/pumpkin colored, a color-palette that is also worn and loved by one of my favorite fellow bloggers, Kim from Anthroholic. Beyond the mint-rust combo though, what other options are out there? Ideas on how to make this color more neutral or usable?

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