Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's almost February... Fist pump!!!!

I know most people, especially those of us who live in the frozen tundra known as Chicago, don't like February. No wait, let me be more clear, most people detest February. I'm a unique kind of gal, because I actually heart February. It's a fabulous month. Why? Because February has the bestest holiday all year long! No readers, I don't mean V-Day (which let's face it, for most is either mildly depressing or anti climatic). I mean the best holiday of the year, my birthday! I know, it's not a holiday for anyone else, which sadly, is part of the reason I love it. According to my husband, it's not my birth-day that I celebrate, it's my birth-month. Well excuse me for being excited... :)

So kicking off this year's fab birthmonth I've generously and thoughtfully bought myself the following gift: the gorgeous and splendid Penguin Clothbound Classic Books. According to Penguin books, they are designed by senior designer Coralie Bickford-Smith, and I've been drooling over them since they were released late last year. Instead of the usual stodgy painting of the author on the cover, these have clever illustrations that pick up on some iconic image pertaining to the novel at hand (i.e., waves for The Odyssey by Homer, peacock feathers for The Picture of Dorian Gray). The covers and spines are printed with matte colored foil on cloth. So pretty. The books will set you back around $20 each UNLESS you're like me and scour your options online... I myself bought the first 8 for around 80 bucks on, which included free shipping and scored me about $4 back from ebates! I know they've been coveted by many and made their way around the blogosphere, but if you haven't already, check them out.

I literally can't wait for them to arrive and am checking the UPS tracking multiple times a day. The are currently en route with scheduled delivery on 2/2...! Now, where to display them in our little home...?

P.S. I'm watching SNL (we DVR and then watch the worthwhile sketches every week) and just realized I kind of am crushing on Michael Buble.


  1. Crime and Punishment and Madame Bovary are on ebay now. This is the only place I have seen these two. They pop up every once in a while.

  2. Thanksfor the help. I've been watching them on ebay - sadly they are few and far between AND, I saw another set of them go on ebay last night for $300 each! That's just unbelievable, and I wouldn't ever dream of spending. Yikes! Going to keep searching :)