Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Anddddd I'm back! And buying studded boots.

I'm not sure why I fell off the blogger world last year, but probably something to do with the busy-season at work, and oh yea, that tiny wedding I had to plan. But now I'm hitched, work has calmed down, and I'm going to recommit myself to posting. It's cathartic, and something I want to do, so why is it so hard to believe I will do it? A such is life. So along with recommitting to my blog, I've made myself agree (to myself, yea, I know, I'm talking to myself, like 4 times over), that each and every post doesn't need to be pages long about some mind-blowing topic.

In fact, today is all about a bargain I found. I love when I get a deal on something. I mean, isn't it the worst when you buy something and then see it 2 days later cheaper? That just eats me alive. Well, I live right next to the North Avenue Akira's... yes, who doesn't love Akira?? This girl loves me some Akira. Especially their shoes. The one hitch, is that the majority of the shoes they carry are really high, and high heels are my nemesis. I really really want a good relationship with high heels, but they just keep on hurting me. So anyhow, making sense of all this rambling: I was recently in Akira and saw some uber cute boots that I wanted... bad. They were gray (yay, the ultimate neutral that matches everything), had small-but-comfy heel, and in my humble opinion a style that could be worn in both fall/winter and spring/summer. Sadly, they didn't have my freaking size. What a bummer... or so I thought! I got home and googled the boot, and low and behold found them at for half price! What??!! Deal+somethingsuperawesomelycute = my favorite thing ever. Ever.

So they have been bought, along with another pair off booties I stumbled upon and had to evaluate in real life... slash own as well, and I can not wait for them to arrive. I will try out my new fancy-pants camera and take some IRL pics to share just as soon as they are in my greedy little hands.

And that, my friends, is how you get back on the blogging wagon.

My first love:

The sneaky ones that I couldn't resist.

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