Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm a Caped Crusader

UPDATE: Cape update - it arrived and I *love* it. I'm typically I size 10 in tops, went with the M/L and it's plenty roomy so if you're smaller, consider sizing down to the S/M. I love the detailing on the shoulders, and the material seems study and soft :) Thumbs up from me!

I'm on a crusade to end crappy meetings. Crappy meetings which wouldn't have happened if you'd been given all the info available prior to said meeting taking place.

LOFT (or ATL as I still fondly call it) is a fab place when a girl is in need of some plain and simple retail therapy. The clothes are cute, decently made, on-trend, but wont break the bank. so when you have a tough day and need a little pick-me-up but your nails are already done and you've already maxxed yourself on vanilla lattes, stroll on over (or log on) to Loft.

I picked up this lovely cape to add to my ever-expanding coat collection (hey, I live in Chicago, it's only fair I get to splurge on cute coats!). At 20% off and free shipping, I think the cost/wear totally excuses this mid-day shopping indiscretion.

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  1. Oh, Emily, I had a series of similar experiences recently - and I most heartily concur - if they'd have just told us what we needed to know, then we wouldn't have to have CRAP meetings.

    Hope things get better soon. That cape is fantastic!